Mary grace Juandale

Experienced Customers Service
  • Lupao, Philippines
  • May 6, 2022

I've been a cashier in a supermarket, department store and Coffee Shop. Experienced in Customer service, handling customer complain. Experienced also in homecare oldsitter.

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Vocational Caregiving NCII @ St. John Regis Healthcare Institute Inc.
Sep 2021 — Feb 2022
*First aid
* Elderly Care
*Infant and childhood care
*Different kinds of Diet
* Housekeeping


Department store Cashier @ The Landmark Makati
May 2022 — Jun 2022
1. Always greet the customer with smile
2. Punch the item in the POS, always check if the description is right.
3. Asking for the mode of payment if it's card or cash.
-if card ask debit or credit, if credits ask the for security porpuse ID.
4. Gived a Change.
5. Packing the Item.
6. Always say thank you.

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