Information word
Information word
  • Safi, Morocco
  • September 12, 2022

Although I don't have any professional experience in business, it's not my fault, I didn't have the opportunity, but it's something that they didn't destroy, because I I acquired professional experience by chance, that is to say that I exercised many trades. , as I worked as a waiter and in restaurants, and I was an assistant in shops, and I was a salesman, as well as volunteer work. While I was overseer on a farm on animal feed, especially when I was between livestock and nature. I found his passion and his love there, and all the tiring work that I used to do. I am able to work in all conditions whatever the weather be it cold, hot or rainy and also he has a lot of skills so I just need a helping hand to give him a chance to this.When I saw the ads asking for labor, I was very happy, and hoped to find an employer who would give her a job, especially in Canada because of her beauty and her dream.With all my respect and appreciation for your honor and sorry for the many words, but what I felt, I wrote in all honesty...

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