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Introduction: In Canada, security guards are required to undergo training and obtain a licence. You must first decide if a security guard career is right for you, and than find the best training facility to get your security guard certification.

Starting your search for security guard instruction by equipping yourself with details is a good place to begin.

looking for Security Guard Jobs in Canada?

There are many benefits to working as a security guard in Canada. The following are some of the benefits of being a licenced security guard. There is a growing demand for workers. Starting salaries above the minimum wage for entry-level positions.

Security guards need a variety of abilities to carry out there tasks. The techniques of there role must be mastered. A successful security guard will have a wide range of social skills to deal with.

Floria Chiu, Customer Care Manager, G4S Canada, comments in Canadian Security magazine: 

“I perceive a change to soft competencies as opposed to hard competencies. I believe that the uniform that could previously affect and change must now be linked to soft abilities like emotional intelligence, awareness of the mental illness, understanding of cultural differences – I believe that these are all vital components of a job security guard now.”

Several security officials featured in the storey argue that soft skills are particularly crucial. This includes the ability to offer customer service and to address mental health problems.

Experts also suggest that security guards need strong intervention skills – the safety side of the profession. Also, technical capabilities are growing.

Consider which talents you already have and what you need to develop.

Training as a basic safety guard will help you build key competencies. Advanced training can enhance your professional security guard skills and overall competence.

Is working as a security guard in Canada a good career choice?

In Canada, working as a security guard has many advantages. Benefits of working as a licenced security guard include: There is a growing demand for workers.

Can You Expect a Salary Increase in the Near‐Future?

Security guards in Canada make an average salary.

The salary of a security guard may vary depending on the location and duties.

According to Employment and Social Development Canada:

Security guards earn between $11.50 and $24.86 an hour. There is a $15.96 hourly wage* as the median.

Canada has a large number of security guard positions that are full‐time. Many of them have perks attached to them. According to a survey:

  • 67 per cent of respondents who worked as security guards had health insurance.
  • 63percent of respondents had dental coverage
  • 48 % had vision coverage.

This is the average salary for security guards in the middle 80 per cent of the market.

There are more lucrative positions available for security guards.

Even without extensive experience or intensive security guard training, security guards can earn much more than the average wage.

Recently, a company in Ontario was looking to fill several security guard positions. They were listed as full‐time, temporary and contract positions on the job boards. The salary offered was $1,560.00 per week, plus a $30/day meal allowance.


A full‐time salary of $78k would be possible if you worked 50 weeks a year. A security guard licence and one year of experience as a security guard are all you need to apply.

Loss Prevention Representatives were being hired by a major Canadian grocery retail chain at the time this post was written.

Educate yourself on the following topics:

  1. To work as a security guard in Canada, you need a licenced.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Possibility to legally work in Canada.
  4. Take a basic security guard training course that is accredited.
  5. You’ve passed the test.
  6. Obtain a licence.
  7. Your province or territory is responsible for licencing security guards. The rules and procedures for obtaining a licence vary from province to province.
  8. For Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, we’ve published guides on how to get a licence. There are four provinces where the Canadian Academy of Guard Training courses are recognised as valid.
  9. As a rule, you must have a high school diploma and be able to communicate in English fluently.
  10. Additionally, you may need a valid driver’s licence.
  11. To apply for a security guard licence, you must undergo a criminal background check.
  12. It’s important to have good eyesight and hearing. Some security guard jobs require a higher level of physical strength and fitness than others do. Depending on the job, you may need to walk alot and work long hours. In many cases, knowledge and skills are more important than formal education.
  13. Increase your chances of landing your dream job by gaining more security experience. Take advanced certifications to increase your earning potential.

Jobs Details:

Jobs Title: Security Guard Jobs in Company

Company: G4S Secure Solutions Canada

Location: Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada

Salary: $15 – $17 an hour

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Company Name: Paladin Security
Job Type: Full Time
No. of Vacancies: 10
Country: Canada

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