10 Great opportunity in Canada for skilled and unskilled candidates on 2021-2025

“It is all about living your life with passion, choose the job you love. Find and explore new opportunities.”

Finding a dream job is not a nightmare anymore! No matter you are looking for a skilled or unskilled job in Canada, all the opportunities are available in abundance. Do you have a skill-set and high educational background? Want to get promising employment? If you are fulfilling immigrant criteria, then your hunt is over.

Do you know that Canada is looking for an immigrant workforce? They lack the desired human resource. According to a recent study, even unskilled laborers can earn more than $20,000 per annum. There are a lot of job possibilities not only for skilled people but for unskilled labor as well.

You need to fulfill mentioned criteria.

  • You will get a permit to live in Canada for two years. Further, you can apply for the new work permit or request to extend it.
  • You need to have approval from the Labor Market Impact Assessment.
  • You have a work permit, along with authentic documents of previous experience, educational qualifications, and job-specific training.
  • You should be in good health and do not possess a criminal record.
  • You need to have a valid proof of bank statement to show that you can live in Canada.

These are the basic requirements; the rest depends upon the job demand. Have a glimpse of the jobs that you can seek in Canada.


With the onset of the Covid-19, many businesses are on the verge of collapse. They need assistance from financial analysts and accountants to have a deeper look into their financial statements.

If you think that you are qualified enough, then knock the Canada employment and recruiting staff. Even if you have little or no experience in this field, you can make a lucrative amount.

What qualifications do you need to have to get an accountant job in Canada?

You need to demonstrate technical skills like Financial Reporting, Management accounting, auditing, finance, or taxation.  For that, you have to hold the degree or certified programs that are proof of your core competencies.

Either you can have a bachelor’s in accounting or a bachelor’s in business administration course with finance as the main subject, or you may undergo a Chartered Professional Accountant certification course.

What else can you lookout?

  • It would be better if you have 30 months of relevant work experience under the mentorship.
  • Soft skills like leadership qualities, work ethics, decision making, analytical thinking, adaptability.
  • Letters of references and recommendations.

Factory Jobs

Factory jobs are physically demanding, wherein you need to work in a fast-paced environment and perform a repetitive task.

Factory workers in Canada are difficult to find. If you are seeking a factory job, know your roles and responsibilities before applying for the same.

  • Equipment Handling – You need to handle the different types of machinery. You have to learn the art of operating the machines and monitor them. This job is about the bulk manufacturing of products.
  • Packaging – Once the product is ready, after that you may have to deal with the packaging.
  • Maintain health and safety compliance – You have to take care of hygiene factors in the working areas. You have to follow health and safety norms while efficiently dealing with machinery.
  • Quality Checks – you have to ensure that the manufactured products and materials are ready to dispatch if they meet the desired standards. In case of any discrepancy, raise the concern to the authority.

The average salary of a factory worker is $38000 per annum. The range lays $20,000 to $ 64,000 a year.

It is a method-based job. You need to follow instructions and methodical processes closely. You can only excel in this field if you have rigorous knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and construction activities.

Fruit Packer Jobs

Fruit packer job in Canada is one of the jobs where you do not need to have any educational qualifications or experience. There are multiple jobs available in Canada where you may have to deal with various kinds of fruits and vegetable packing.

It is a laborious job. You have to deal with heavyweight and need to stand for a longer duration. The job profile is outdoor; you need to work in a different work environment. It could be hot, wet, or damp.

Things you need to know about this job:

  • You may need to work on weekends.
  • Before packing, you need to check the quality of the fruits. Remove the rotten one from the stock.
  • You have to maintain the track of rotten fruits.
  • Weigh the fruits before packing. Prepare crate of different weights.
  • You have to load the crates into the truck.
  • Maintain the hygiene of the area. Clean up racks, trays, and production areas.

These are the specific skills that you need to possess. Apart from it, you must have good observational ability, flexibility, the ability to work in tight deadlines, and maintain the hygiene and safe environment around you.

The pay scale ranges from $14 – $20 on an hourly basis.

Production Workers

Production workers job is physically demanding. In this job, you have to assemble machinery parts in factories and warehouses. Also, you have to take care of the production process and smooth functioning of factories.

Production worker jobs in Canada have the scope of progression. You need to perform rigorous physical duties like lifting, bending, twisting, crawling, kneeling, climbing, and many more.

You have to take care of other tasks. You have to monitor the stocks, ensure the safe dispatch of the product, and diligently look into the inefficiency of the machinery problems. Also, you may need to transfer the product from the truck using the power tools. Last, you have to ensure a hygienic working environment that includes cleaning the debris and trash.

The average salary falls from $25,350 to $ 34,778 per year. Before hunting the job, make sure you are strong enough to face outdoor conditions like heat, cold, pollution, high-level noises, and dust.

Driver Job

Amongst the driver jobs in Canada, the truck driver job has the most number of vacancies. Due to the shortage of human resources in Canada, they look for foreigners. If you are interested in working as a driver, you can apply through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

There are criteria of eligibility to work as a driver. You have to leave the country once your contract gets over. You must have a clean criminal background. You are capable enough to support yourself while you stay in Canada. Also, your physical and mental health has to be in good shape.

Roles and responsibility of the driver include:

  • Maintaining the hygiene of the car.
  • Using the different navigations app effectively.
  • Driving clients safely to their destination.
  • Keeping the vehicle in good condition, you have to keep it safe and clean.
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of local places.

You have to undergo a stringent driving record check, drug test, and security clearance before get hired by the company.

If you want to work as a truck driver, you may have to load and unload goods from the truck. You must have physical stamina as it may also require rigid weight-lifting.

Here are some of the soft skills that you need to learn before applying as a driver:

  • Flexibility
  • Eye for detail
  • Decision Making
  • Reliability
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Organized and strong analytical skills

If you are new in this field, the average salary you can get $39,000 per year. If you have experience, you can expect a salary of $95,200 per year.

Security Guard

Security Guard jobs are about protecting the public. This role is dynamic; you need to be physically active and rigid. The security guards jobs in Canada have the best career opportunities. You may get job offers from reputed firms if you fulfill the required criteria.

A minimum educational qualification required is the completion of high school. Your role is monitoring and working on a computer. So you must have basic computer knowledge. Also, you must have a valid Provincial Security Guard Licence. Many top-notch companies demand valid First Aid & CPR as well.

The roles and responsibilities of security guards are diversified. Some are listed below:

  • Patrolling the indoor and outdoor areas by following the described protocols.
  • Managing conflicts peacefully.
  • Securing the assigned location from fraud, fire, theft, vandalism, or any other criminal activity.
  • Prompt response to bomb threats, fire alarms, or any other emergencies.
  • Managing guest movements throughout the property.
  • Following emergency procedures as provided.

Generally, the pay band ranges from $11.50 to $24.86 on an hourly basis. It’s a combination of standing, walking, and sitting jobs. You need to have a proactive approach and able to sort out the problem independently with quick decision-making. This job requires good judgemental skills and common sense.

Helper Job

Generally, people in Canada seek domestic helpers for cleaning and cooking purpose. They also hunt the veterinary helper to take care of their domestic animals.

For domestic helpers, you may need a First Aid Certificate and CPR Certificate. Also, have a glimpse of helper skills:

  • Washing and cleaning dishes with hands.
  • Cleaning dishwasher mats, carts, and water disposals.
  • Wash and iron clothes.
  • Change bed sheets
  • Shop for food and groceries.
  • Preparing and serving food.
  • Cleaning floors

It is a physically demanding job, where you have to stand for a longer time. It is a repetitive job, and you have to effort into bending, crouch, and kneeling.

What personality traits you require to be an efficient helper? You have to be reliable, organized, and punctual.

Sales Representative

Due to the shortage of skilled workforce, a plethora of sales representative jobs are available in Canada.

It is one of the excellent job opportunities you can have if you have desired qualifications and experience. The role of the salesperson is vast. Either you have to take charge of the complete process, the right from the beginning till the end, or the company may want you to become a part of some process.

What are the roles and responsibilities?

  • Responsible for incoming and outgoing merchandise.
  • You need to follow guidelines and take care of store management.
  • Responsible for negotiations and closing of the leads.
  • Ability to solve complex issues.
  • Maintain sales records and update the inventory regularly.

Salary depends upon the experience and industry. The entry-level pay starts from $ 50,000 per annum.

Cashier Job

You know the need for a cashier in every business, whether it is a departmental store, banks, pharmaceutical store, or electronic showroom, or any other utility. Every store needs an intelligent and active cashier who can take care of customers and payments effectively.

Do you know the roles and responsibilities of a cashier? Here is a brief list.

  • You have to receive payments for goods and services.
  • Scan items and process cheques and money.
  • Provide support to the customers.
  • Wrap the order in the bags.
  • Maintain the inventory and operate a cash register.

It is not a challenging job, but you need to be an active team player and flexible.

Hotel Jobs

Hotel jobs in Canada are available for both skilled and unskilled people. From the general manager to the room boy, you can choose the post according to your desire. The salary, role, and responsibility depend upon the nature of the job.

List of jobs that the hotel offers:

  • General Manager
  • Accountant
  • Cashier
  • Receptionist
  • Cook
  • Housekeeping
  • Security Guard
  • Room Boy
  • Driver
  • Helper
  • Spa Therapist and many more.

Finding the dream job in Canada is not a difficult task. You may be fresher or experienced; you need to possess the required qualification and accomplishing the eligibility criteria as stated by the hiring company.

Also, you need to understand their work culture. Many companies prefer employees to have prior work experience in Canada. But if you are willing to learn, adapt, and know their requirement, you can get the job offers.

Even Canada offers jobs to immigrants with open arms. No matter, what your field is, you can make a promising career as per your interest and suitability.

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