Zuhriddin Pardayev

General Farm Worker
General Farm Worker
  • Qamashi, Uzbekistan
  • December 26, 2021

Farm workers, or agricultural workers, look after crops and animals. They operate machinery and typically work within a team. There are a number of different specialties in farm work, including agricultural equipment operators, livestock managers, animal breeders, greenhouse workers and crop laborers. Farm workers can perform general duties which can vary from season to season, and often involve several different skill sets.

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Interurban Transport @ Qamashi Servise College
Sep 2012 — Jun 2015
Working on a farm can be physically demanding, but rewarding work. Depending on the type of farm, your work responsibilities will be very different from one job to the next. You also experience seasonal changes and weather conditions that may alter your schedule. That variety can make your work more interesting, but it also means that you need many different skills.


Farm Worker @ Muhiddin Pardayevich Farm
Sep 2012 — Nov 2021
Spraying fertilizer, pesticides and other treatments onto crops to control pests and infections.
Feeding livestock and checking them for signs of illness and injury.
Herding animals into different grazing areas, onto scales or trucks or into enclosures.
Moving and replanting shrubs, trees and plants using farm machinery.
Administering medication and vaccinations to animals to treat and prevent illness.

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