Usman Asghar

Packaging , Warehouse In-charge
Packaging , Warehouse In-charge
  • Unayzah, Saudi Arabia
  • November 9, 2021
    • Core Competencies & Experience
      • Production Line
      • Standard Packaging.
      • Preparation of Documents.
      • Monthly MIS Reports.
      • Preparation of Dashboards.
      • Inventory control
      • Variance Reports.
      • Coordinate with production and export Dept..
      • Excellent Professional Skills.
      • Knowledge of: -
      • Corporate Reporting.
      • Dynamic Excel Charts.
      • Dashboards in (Advance Excel).
      • Formation of New Formats.
      • Professional Grip in: -

      MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint

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B.Com IT (Bachelor of Commerce) @ University of Punjab
Jan 2008 — Dec 2010


Business Coordinator & Warehouse Inc. @ Construction & Building Company (KSA)
Sep 2016 — Current
▪ Ware house stock taking and controlling.
▪ Ensure the warehouse operates at peak efficiency, with customer satisfaction being the primary goal, by supervising, organizing, directing, and training warehouse employees and establishing, monitoring, and managing operation goals.
▪ Train and manage a warehouse team to solve day-to-day operational issues and reach short- and long-term performance goals.
▪ Oversee daily operations, while controlling and managing inventory and logistics.
▪ Review and prepare workflow, manning and space requirements, equipment layout, and action plans while ensuring productivity, quality and customer service standards are met.
▪ Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures and complying with legal regulations.
▪ Supervise daily activities of the warehouse, including quality assurance, inventory control, space management, logistics, floor productivity, shipping, and customer service.
▪ Schedule and oversee warehouse team to meet the demands of the fulfillment center, and manage the flow and quality of work to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime.
▪ Inspect equipment, tools, and machinery regularly, and oversee general maintenance as needed.
▪ Meet regularly with warehouse leads to review, analyze, and develop actionable plans for productivity and loss prevention.
▪ Oversee and manage logistics utilized to transport products to customers and internal facilities, communicating with drivers and air partners to ensure efficient delivery of packages.
Operation In-Charge @ Uneed Freight System (Pak)
Mar 2013 — Mar 2016
▪ Conduct External and Internal matters of organization.
▪ Dealing with Exporters & Importers.
▪ Handling Shipments from X-Factory to the final destination.
▪ Preparation of all documents.
▪ Maintain documents record properly and preparation of filling.
▪ Bargaining with all airlines for further business.
▪ Dealing with all airlines in Foreign Countries.
▪ Bargaining with all Shipping lines for booking cargo.
▪ Handling all matters of sea port & Dry port.
▪ Dealing with all custom authorities.
▪ Dealing with shipping lines in foreign countries.
▪ Conduct all matters related to accounts.
▪ Preparation of Statement of Account.
▪ Dealing with banks regarding LC.
▪ Check bank statement according to transaction.
▪ Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement.
▪ Dealing with foreign customers of various countries.
▪ Excellent skills to maintain records.
▪ Responsible for all matters related operation and accounts.
▪ Reporting to the managing Directors.
Production & Packing In-charge @ De Caprio Industries
Mar 2011 — Mar 2013
▪ Analyze and determine all standards for packaging lines and ensure compliance to all schedule for processes and develop and maintain all packing orders effectively.
▪ Monitor and recommend improvements in processes to increase efficiency of packaging department and monitor inventory for warehouse and maintain records of all physical transactions and prepare documents for same.
▪ Manage all substance transactions and vault access and ensure compliance to company standard and coordinate with production and quality assurance department to ensure adherence to all manufacturing schedules.
▪ Maintain and ensure compliance to packaging schedule and assign specific tasks to all employees and monitor all packing equipment’s and supplies.
▪ Coordinate with quality and warehouse departments to monitor everyday activities of units and ensure efficient working of both manufacturing and packaging department and ensure continuous improvement in same.
▪ Manage all work according to packing schedule and maintain an inventory of materials and completion of all projects with required timeframe.
▪ Develop team environment in department and resolve all packing issues in coordination with quality department.
▪ Coordinate with plant manager and evaluate all projects and recommend ways to reduce cost and improve quality of all processes and provide necessary training and counseling to employees as per requirement.
▪ Develop and maintain professional relationships with all external vendors and contractors and improve efficiency process through incorporation of new technology.

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