Experienced Cashier
Experienced Cashier
  • Baramulla, India
  • January 25, 2023

I'm an Energetic, hardworking cashier valued for fast, friendly service and accuracy in handling customer transactions. Address customers' needs while quickly moving them through the check-out process. Passionate about serving others and eager to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles.


  • Cash Register Transactions
  • Drawer Balancing
  • Retail Front-End Operations
  • Cashier Audits & Reports
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Store Opening & Closing Procedures
  • Stocking & Merchandising
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Shrink Reduction
  • POS System

Scan, bag and load purchases; process cash, check, credit card, coupon and voucher transactions; verify customer ages for alcohol and tobacco purchases; and manage daily till opening and closing procedures. Help with stocking and merchandising to maximize sales and provide a pleasant shopping experience.

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High school Diploma @ Government High school Lachipora
Jan 2013 — Dec 2013


Cashier @ Mehar Hotel
Mar 2016 — Oct 2021

Keeping a record of sales and restocking lhe store accordingly. Managing and training store staff. Planning promotional campaigns for new products or specials. Ensuring Lhal the slore Is kepl clean and organized. Mediating nny confrontations be1ween stalT and clients, and de--esc.ilallng ihe sl1ua1lon. Collecl procured merchandise. mark appropriately for placement In facUity. and deliver 1hem lo the appropriate depanmenL Responsible for piling received merchandise on pallets or c.ins. In charge of storing food. beverage. and operatioml stock. Perform daily check on the storage fucilities for upkeep and hygiene. Responsible for completing requisition forms for inventory and supplies. Report low stock levels Lo manager/supervisor promptly. Perform Inspection on deliveries LO conflnn quality. cleanliness, and freshness, and consistency Lhroughout case lots. Follow food safely and handling policies and procedures across all food-related areas. Responsible for the sanllilllon of all refrfgera1ors and freezers. floors. food equipment, and drains In storage Properly place Lrash, empty c.irdboard, and pallets In storage areas. Notlfy the manager of accidents, Injuries, and unsafe work coodillons. Follow all company policies and procedures ln 1he dlsch:irge of duties. Responsible for upholding the confldentl.l.llty of proprietary lnformallon as well as protect tl1e Hotel's assets. Adhere to quality assurance expecullons and slandllrds.

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