Tifany Chairunisa

Experienced Trainer and Data analyst
Experienced Trainer and Data analyst
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • June 10, 2021
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Trainer @ Teleperformance Malaysia
Nov 2018 — Current
1. Prepared teaching or training material using Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide and others
2. Designed and modified chart and graph using any charting platform
3. Edited photo or video using Photoshop, Coral draw, Moviemaker and Camtasia
4. Utilized smart board and its app for visual laboratory experience for ELC students
5. Utilized laboratory tools (General to Microbiology) for practical study
6. Stimulated students to seek information on their own on the internet
7. Encouraged focus group discussions on the chat platform
8. Constructed pre/post-test using online test maker
9. Analyzed, diagnosed and evaluated on each breakdown: assessment's strengths and weaknesses, failure percentage using Microsoft excel (Pivot table, VLOOKUP and etc)
10. Assessed and built reports using any platforms

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