Accountant of 9 years experience. Good in Excel and MS Word. Good communication, interpersonal andpublc speaking skill.
  • FCT, Nigeria
  • November 24, 2022

An Accountant responsible for managing and the reporting of financial information of an organization in the position for 14 years. As an Accountant that perform all the tasks encompassed in an accountancy in the Organization. A proven phone skill abilities which facilitate the achievement of company goals. Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and public speaking skills Possess leadership skills to unite and motivate others in working towards a common goal Skilled in areas of educational recruiting and sales. Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint Advanced.

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Master in Financial Economics @ University of Abuja
Jul 2019 — Oct 2021
As a Financial Economist, the Economic growth of the nation must be monitored for stability sake and controlled in order not in over shoot causing inflation in the nation.
Bachelor in Economics @ University of Abuja
Mar 2004 — Nov 2008
Knowing the rate of the nations economic growth, the economist must increase productivity of the nation in order to bring more resources in the nation financial reservoir for the future benefit of the nation.


Accountant 1 @ JAMB National Hqt, Abuja
Jan 2021 — Current
1. Timely computation and payment of Personnel of monthly Emolument.
2. Proper capturing of Staff data in the preparation of Personnel.
3. Monitoring and controlling of the Organisation Expenditure Budget management.
4. Preparation and Presentation of Annual Budget of the Organisation and other Services with relevant agencies.
5. Liaising with the External Auditors and External Accountants.
Accountant 2 @ JAMB National Hqt, Abuja
Jan 2018 — Dec 2020
1. Preparation of Ledger (General & Subsidiary) and cash advance.
2. Preparing of Journal & Subsidiary Ledger of Account.
3. Maintaining of Ledger.
4 Preparing of Schedule for the end of the year Financial Accounts.
5. Preparing of Trial Balance
Assitstant Accountant @ JAMB National Hqt, Abuja
Jan 2014 — Dec 2017
1. Extraction of Quarterly Allocations to other Branches.
2.Retrival and Collation of Quarterly Allocation Remittances.
3. Analysing of the Quarterly Allocation returns from each Branches
Asst. Accountant I @ JAMB National Hqt, Abuja
Jan 2008 — Dec 2013
1. Raising and preparing the payment voucher for every beneficiary.
2. Ensuring security and custody of all books of Account.
3. Analysing of the Income and Expenditure Accrued to the Organisation.
4. Any other duty assigned to me by my superior

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