Tarekegn Tefera Lele

Organic fertilizer research assistant
Organic fertilizer research assistant
  • Worabe, Ethiopia
  • June 18, 2022

I have a bachelor's degree in Plant Sciences graduated from Addis Ababa University Ethiopia. I have served for 6 months work experience as Agricultural Sample Survey Data Collector at Hawassa Central Statistical Agency (CSA) and Currently, I have been serving at Worabe Agricultural Research Center under Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Research Directorate of the Natural Resources Management Department by the position of Soil Microbiology Assistant-I Researcher from May 18, 2018 to present. With my experience, I am able to design and carry out field research trials and survey assessment with scientific standards. I have published five original research articles in reputable journals. In addition, I would like to contribute my knowledge, my experience, my commitment and my enthusiasm in order to fulfill the advertised position goals and missions efficiently and responsibly. For more details on my professional experience, achievements and web link to published research articles please see my attached CV below. Thank you for your time and consideration.



 +251916067450 or +251916451404


1. Personal Information:
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 29 June 1996 GC
Place of Birth: Hawassa Zuria, Sidama Region
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Ethiopian
Address: Mobile: +251916067450, Email: tarekegntefara50@gmail.com

  1. Educational Qualification
Year (G.C) Award Place Name of Institution 2014- 2017 Bachelor of Science in Plant Science with CGPA 3.77 Fiche Addis Ababa University 20012/13-2014 Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination certificate Hawassa Hawassa Tabor Secondary and Preparatory School 2009/10-2012 Ethiopian General Secondary

Education Certificate Hawassa Hawassa Tabor Secondary and Preparatory School 2001/2-2009 Completed Elementary School Shamena Shamena Kadida Primary and Secondary School


  1. Work Experience
  • From August 16, 2017 to February 10, 2018 as Data Collector in CSA, Hawassa Ethiopia. Soil Microbiology Assistant-I Researcher at Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Worabe Agricultural Research Center, Research Directorate of the Natural Resources Management Department since May 18, 2018 to
  1. Relevant professional training
    Certificate in Research Planning, Conduction and Reporting. Training jointly organized by EARCS and SARI from May 13th to 17th, 2019.

5. My publication researches web links






  1. Language Skills

  Speaking Reading Writing Listening English Very good Excellent Excellent Very good Amharic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Sidamic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Wolatigna Excellent Very good Very good Excellent


  1. Hobbies and interests
  • Participating in collaborative problem solving and searching for new things
  • Participating in social and cultural affairs
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences others
  • Read newspapers and magazines
  1. Personal characteristics:
    Highly motivated,Ø sympathetic personality, meticulous and hardworking potential
    9. Computer Skills:
    Excellent at MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point and statistical software analysis


  1. Referees
  • Paulos Ketema: Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Worabe Agricultural Research CenterSoil Microbiology Assistant2 Researcher (Email: paulove0898@gmail.com and cell phone: +251-926441978)
  • Muluken Getahun (PhD Candidates): Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Worabe Agricultural Research Center Plant Pathology Researcher-2 (E-mail: mule1998@gmail.com and cell phone: +251-911800656)
  • Bagegnehu Bekele: Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) Woabe Agricultural Research Center Soil and Water Conservation Researcher-1, Department of Crop Research (E-mail: bagegnehubekele@gmail.com and Phone: +251 917565817)







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