Taoufiq Janati

IT developper
  • Fez, Morocco
  • June 7, 2021

Highly motivated, deadline-committed, goal-driven IT developer with over 6 years of experience. Proven track record of excellence. Some of my core skills include the creation of web application, Specifications analysis, testing, Documentation. An engaging team player.

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Bachelor in IT Development @ University of Science and Technology Settat, Morocco
Sep 2012 — Jul 2013
The training of the professional license specializing in "Computer Development" takes place in two semesters. The objective of this training is to allow the student to acquire skills to design, develop, deploy and operate applications for different media, which is a rapidly evolving sector.
Specialized Technician diplomat in IT Development @ Specialized Institute of Applied Technology Fez, Morocco
Sep 2009 — Jul 2011
The Specialized Technician in Computer Development is a professional in charge of the development and maintenance of computer applications. He works, generally on behalf of IT Services and Engineering Companies, in many application areas (industry, management, leisure, etc.). Upstream of the project, the Technician is receptive to the client's expectations. He carefully studies a number of parameters to carry out his mission, including the specifications, the capacities of the technical environment, as well as the constraints of the customer's production system. Downstream, he participates in the commissioning and technical support of the application
High-school diplomat in Physiques and chemistry @ Ibn Khaldoun High School, Fez, Morocco
Sep 2008 — Jul 2009


Clients advisor for an international telecom company (Orange) @ webhelp
Aug 2020 — Feb 2021
 Management of all types of customer requests: :
 Provide personalized answers to all customer questions
 suggest new offers adapted to the needs of each user
 Respond to customer complaints ...
Technician in IT Development @ Fedaso Orone-Group
Mar 2015 — Nov 2018
During this experience, my main tasks were:
Computerization of production chains, data analysis, creation of IT solutions ...

Usually the steps in the realization of projects were as below:
 1- Specifications analysis :
At the start of each new operation, an analysis is carried out to specify the customer's requests, needs, and duration ...
 2- The creation of IT solutions
After the analysis, the creation of an IT solution begins to allow the company's production to capture the information requested by the customer using technologies such as (Foxpro, C ++, ...)
 3- Data processing
Then comes the step of processing the data by using functions and formatting tools before sending it to clients
Web developper @ Fesweb
Oct 2011 — Mar 2015
During these years of work within the company :
I participated and I created several web projects and among my main tasks.
The creation of web applications, Project analysis, customer contact …
Usually the stages of carrying out a project were as below:
 1- Specifications analysis :
At the start of each new project, an analysis is carried out to specify customer requests, needs, the technologies to be used and the duration ...
 2- Project creation
After the analysis we start the creation of the project by following the phases below :
 Cutting the template
Extraction HTML Website elements from the template (Photoshop psd file)
 Website creation
The creation of the dynamic or static web application by the use of web technologies (PHP, CMS, ...) depends on the needs of the customers
 3- The testing phase
As soon as the creation stage closes, several tests are carried out to verify that the website works on different browsers and mobile platforms (smartphone and Tablet)...
 4- Documentation
The last step is to produce the documentation to enable customers to use their applications efficiently.

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