Stephen Arthur

Electrician / Electrical maintenance Technician
  • Sekondi, Ghana
  • June 6, 2021

Am professional electrician with HND certificate in Electrical/Electronic engineering with 10 years working experince in maintenance work, installation work, manageria work.

I can cofidently work in construction industry, electrical maintenance industry or area and any area where electrical work is needed.

I have knowledge in power transmission and distribution industry work, i have strong knowledge in industrial installation work interms of electricals and plumbing works as well.

I have worked with ALYSJ JV in Qatar before, Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) and Community Water & Sanitation Agency as the systems manager.

Am also good when it comes to farm work or Agricultue work. Am strong and can do any asigned farm duties under little supervision as a novice.

Am versatile and can fit in any of your field as a cleaner, helper, security or any work that can help me making earns meet to care for my family.

I will be very greatful if am considered as one of your employees.

Thank you .


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HND in Electrical/Electronic Engineering @ Cape Coast Technical University
Oct 2004 — Aug 2007
This is 3 years studies coarse that covers power systems, electrical machines, power electronics, electrical instrumentation, electronics, telecoms, fluid mechanisms, thermodynamics, industrial installations, electrical fault & diagnose, electrical maintenance etc that broadens your mind in all areas of electric power and machines.


Electrician @ ALYSJ JV
Sep 2016 — Jan 2019
Electrician in charge of instalation of the following.
I. Bus duct
2.Cable trey, trunking and Cable ladder.
3.Panel intallation & termination
4. Industrial DB installation dressing and termination.
5 Lightening arresters and earthing busbar.
6. Sockets Swtches and all the fire protection devices.
7. Meggaring and checking continuity of cable.
8. Electrical fault tracing and diagnosis.
9. Cable pulling, glanding and termination.
10. GI suface pipe installation
11. PVC conduit pipe installation etc
Systems manager @ CWSA Ghana
Oct 2009 — Sep 2016
Systems manager in charge of the following activities:
1.Managing the entire operation of the district water system.
2. Carry out maintenance activities on the system ( electrical & plumbing)
3.Troubleshooting of fault on the system both electrical and plumbing.
4.Repair and replace any faulty coponent .
5. Writing and submission of operational report monthly, quarterly and yearly.
6.Treatment of the water using approved quantity of chlorine.
7. Checking water quality periodically by taken samples to lab.
8. Installation of the water office electrical power and all the fittings needed there etc
Power Technician Engineer Trainee @ Ghana Grid Company Ltd. (GRIDco)
Jun 2005 — Jun 2006
Technician Engineer Trainee involed in the following activities:
1.Meggaring of lightening arrester
2.Meggaring of 161kv power transformer.
3.Transformer ratio test on transformers.
4.Switch yard lightening fault troublshooting.
5.Station battery bank servicing.
6.Isolation of 161 kv sf6 circuit breaker for maintenance.
7. Calliberation of energy billing meters.
8.Installation of energy meters.
9.Monitoring the incoming and outgoing power periodically and record them.
10. Installation of dc motors
11. Maintenance of dc motors.
12.troubleshooting of dc motors fault.
13.Changing of transformer oil checking oil quality.
14.Opening of disconnect switch to isolate the power transformer for maimtenance work on it. etc.

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