Professional Paramedic and Truck Driver love agriculture and land service
  • HADJOUT, Algeria
  • August 22, 2021

I am a young Algerian who grew up in a rural family specializing in agriculture, herding and other difficult professions, so I have experience in the basics of farming and all school expenses from my work in agriculture and fruit picking.

I obtained a high school certificate, then a first technical certificate in waste management and recycling, and I work in the Algerian civil protection, after I completed a year of training in ambulance, rescue and firefighting, and continued my training in the field of driving intervention trucks

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Paramedic .lifeguard and firefighter @ Algerian civil protection
Dec 2012 — Current
-Intervention and rescue of people .proporty and animal
-Providing first aid and supervisinge the victim
-Extinguishinge all types of fires
-Driving fire truks and ambulances

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