Sarah Haddad

Iā€™m an administrative employee, I hve more than 5 years experience.
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • June 24, 2021

I'm a translator and have worked in the governmental and private sector. I have experience in management as well. I'm an enterprising young professional intending to continue my development as a translator, I have a proactive way to engage with people. I'm offering responsibility, challenge, and rewarding experiences and at the same time maintaining a high standard of performance and business ethics.

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70.26 @ Almansour University College
Oct 2010 ā€” Jun 2014
I study in department of English language.


An administrative employee @ Children welfare
Sep 2015 ā€” May 2017
Worked as an employee at static department in oncology word, at CWTH in Baghdad, then I worked in The Arab board of health specialization in Iraq alao as an administrative employee from 11/5/2017 till now .

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