Ronald Meredor

Experienced in different Healthcare settings as a nurse
Experienced in different Healthcare settings as a nurse
  • Riyadh, Philippines
  • July 18, 2021
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing @ University of Santo Tomas
Jun 1998 — Mar 2002
4 year course in BS. Nursing


Medical-Surgical/COVID-19 Nurse @ Care National Hospital
Feb 2020 — Current
1. Conducting an individualized patient assessment, prioritizing the data collection based on the adult or elderly patient’s immediate condition or needs within the timeframe specified.
2. Consulting and coordinating with healthcare team members in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans.
3. Preparing, administering, and recording prescribed medications or as per hospital policies and procedures.
4. Monitoring, assessing, reporting, documenting signs and symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions.
5. Reporting adverse reactions to medications or treatment in accordance to hospital policies and procedures
6. Evaluating patients on surgical procedures.
7. Monitoring and adjusting specialized medical equipment used on patients and interpreting and recording electronic displays.
8. Providing bedside care for a wide variety of patients, including pre- and post- surgery patients.
9. Initiating patient education plan, as prescribed by the physician and policy.
10. Teaching patients and families on how to manage their illness or injury by explaining post-treatment home care needs.
11. Changing dressings, inserts catheters and starts IV fluids as prescribed.
12. Preparing equipment and assisting physician during his rounds, examination and treatment of patient.
13. Responding to live-saving situations – Codes
14. Participating in discharge planning.
15. Participating in hospital accreditations for licensing renewal both locally and internationally.

1. Committed to standards of care and professional practice in caring COVID-19 Patients.
2. Demonstrate clinical assessment and treatment skills for patients with COVID-19 as per Hospital/ Ministry of Health guidelines, policies and procedures.
3. Communicate with the Acute Respiratory Clinic (ARI) and the Medical Team for arranging admissions to the COVID-19 Ward.
4. Communicate with physicians or on-call doctor regarding clinically deteriorating patients
5. Recording the required patient data through patient admission, stay and discharge.
6. Monitoring availability of supplies and equipment for patient care.
7. Respecting and adhearing to guidelines to COVID-19 specific and general occupational safety in order to protect themselves, patients and co-workers including: Use of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), decontamination procedures, waste management, public safety measures, Infection control procedures.
8. Administrer medications/ modalities to improve patient condition and care.
9. Use of telemedicine to provide communication between patient and physicians and family members.
10. Monitor and document patient progress.
11. Responding to live-saving situations - codes
12. Develop nursing care plans
13. Participating in hospital accreditations for licensing renewal both locally and internationally.
14. Plan and develop discharge teaching with the medical team and ancillary.
15. Administer end of life care and post mortem to clients.

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