Reubenson Mganga Rungua

  • Male, Maldives
  • January 18, 2023

I am an energetic professional animator with years of successful experience in the hotels and hospitality industry as an entertainer, activities host /animator, recreation coordinator, or animation team leader as well as a disc jockey.
Highly renowned for creating and practicing acts, team building, and coordinating sports activities that include > Aqua aerobics, water polo, pool volleyball, a darts challenge, ping pong contest, beer pong challenge, bocce, archery, badminton, giant chess contest, splash basketball, stretching, etc.
Indoor games use public addresses to host evening shows, musicals, and animation cabaret.
I hope I will meet your expectations so that you can hire me to be an asset to your team. If you give me chance I will promise you with your entire staff that I will live up to the expectations liable in my capacity as an animator/ host and this will be precisely by hardworking, obedience, and generally, good behavior admired by all.


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