• Saint-Cyr-l'École, France
  • May 7, 2023

Dear Recruters,

I would like to express my interest in the Administrative Assistant position. I am a self-motivated and progress-driven Administrative Assistant with an extensive background in this industry. With a long-standing record of initiative and innovation, I have developed and executed strategies that I believe will bring value to the company.

Throughout the course of my career, I have honed my abilities in file management and scheduling. I am an astute problem-solver capable of prioritizing and managing complex projects with proficiency.

In my previous role, I exercised skills in communication, management and database management and consistently contributed to team efforts and organizational improvements. I am open-minded and focused on new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and motivational, with proficiency in decision-making and collaborative work. I enjoy brainstorming and coordinating efforts to achieve a common goal.

I have been out of the field for a time due to some unexpected medical issues. Everything has been taken care of and I am ready to get back into the workforce. I would be open to elaborate more if you have further questions!

Please take a moment to review my enclosed resume and accompanying credentials. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding my candidacy for the Administrative Assistant role. I am looking forward to your response and thank you for your consideration.


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