Ousmane Ndiaye

Construction assistant
Construction assistant
  • Guediawaye, Senegal
  • April 16, 2023

Having worked as a construction associate and restaurant floor manager in Senegal, I have developed strong abilities in physical labor, equipment operation, and team management. Competent in both writing and speaking French and English, my ability to learn quickly and strive for excellence, coupled with a willingness to receive and act on constructive criticism, makes me a strong and adaptable candidate. I sincerly hope you consider my application as a foreign candidate.

Phone Number
+221 77102 43 46


High school diploma @ Pikine Est/A Senegal High School
May 2023 — May 2006

I attest having completed my high school studies.

International commerce (Technical program) @ Institut supérieur d'études commerciales
Apr 2014 — May 2016

Followed courses about leadership, team management, client managment, budgeting, communication, branding, marketing.

Completed one internship during my studies as a the commercial agent where i perfected my selling and networking skills


Volunteer - Construction assistant @ City of Guediawaye
Apr 2020 — Apr 2022

Volunteer experience to build a new mosque for the community

- Contributed to the successful completion of flooring installation projects, utilizing cement, sand and tiles.
- Effectively managed painting projects from start to finish, ensuring all work was completed to client satisfaction and timelines were adhered to.
- Collaborated closely with project managers to ensure walls were built to exact specifications, while learning
valuable skills in project management a d construction coordination.

Taxi driver @ Independent driver
Apr 2019 — May 2021

- Successfully completed a formal training program to obtain a taxi driver's license
- Navigated over 80,000 km on various routes while maintaining a perfect safety record through careful driving and adherence to traffic laws.
- Effectively communicated with passengers to ensure a positive experience, including providing information to the tourists about local attractions and any other questions about the area.

Construction assistant @ Independent contractor
Jun 2017 — Oct 2019

*Seasonal work, 4 months/year*

- Assisted an independent contractor in the construction of 3 home-building projects by consistently producing quality cement mixes on time.
- Constructed and laid out brick walls for 3 new homes, completing each job on time.
- Coordinated closely with project stakeholders, including clients and contractors, to ensure project requirements were met, and timelines were adhered to.

Floor manager @ Beach House Saly
Apr 2017 — May 2019

- Orchestrated a team of 10 employees during each shift, achieving exceptional customer service and satisfaction through effective leadership and team coordination.
- Coordinated employee training by utilizing expertise gained from my studies in international commerce, resulting in successful training outcomes and increased employee performance.
- Strengthened team dynamics as a floor manager by prioritizing clear communication and understanding among team members, leading to a more efficient and cohesive work environment.

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