Nalinda Akuranthilake

Experienced Administrater and HR specialistd
  • colombo, Sri Lanka
  • January 12, 2023

I am a retired commissioned officer with the rank of Brigadier. I have had an unblemished and distinguished career in the Regular Force of the Sri Lankan Army, Corps of Signals, for over 34 years.

During my tenure of service, I have held many Directorial, Operational, Administrative, and Technical appointments, which enabled me to acquire a wealth of experience in Human resources Management, Administration, Intelligence, Logistics management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Diplomatic services, United Nations peace stabilization missions, Civil-military coordination, International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Research and Development, and Project Management.

In addition, I have a wealth of experience working with multinational armies, multicultural ethnic groups, liaising with security forces, police, disaster management centers, the Ministry of Defense, and other government authorities.

At present, I am employed as the Group General Manager of HRM, Administration, and Operations at the SoftWave Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd, one of Sri Lanka's most well-known printing groups with a 38-year history in the industry.

Further, I possess a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Post Graduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka, to strengthen my academic and professional qualification portfolio in addition to my military and civil academic and professional qualifications.


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Masters in Public Administration @ University of Sri Jayawardanepura
Apr 2018 — Apr 2020

The MPA programme which spans over a period of two years, focuses mainly on in-class lectures, along with case studies, discussions, videos and other modes of delivery to impart knowledge for our Learning Partners. All lectures are conducted by well qualified experts who have “hands-on” local and global exposure in the public sector. The assignments will provide the required skills development, and the examinations will test the knowledge and the application of knowledge to the given scenarios. The final project will guide the Learning Partners not only to properly identify a performance gap, but also to solve it professionally with a view to adding value to the public sector.
In addition, the PIM’s MPA programme transforms the Learning Partners’ career trajectory to higher echelons such as secretaries and additional secretaries of Ministries. The existing PIM MPA Alumni who hold top positions as Secretaries, Commissioners General, Directors General and Senior SLAS Officers, provide ample testimony to the caliber of top public sector officials PIM has produced thus far through this MPA programme. The overall benefits the Learning Partners gain during the programme, will not only provide the advanced knowledge in the respective subjects, but also groom them for better communication, decision making ability, sound analytical skills, team work and also ethics and governance much demanded of in the public sector.


Group Head HRM, Administrations & Operations @ Softwave Group pf Companies ( Pvt ) Ltd
Jun 2021 — Current

 Group Head, Human Resource Management, Administration, and Operations SoftWave Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd - SoftWave is a group of companies consisting of SoftWave Reprographers (Pvt) Ltd., SoftWave Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd., and SoftWave Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. It offers digital, commercial, and web offset printing services and is fully equipped with 100% in-house end-to-end production capabilities. This was founded in 1984 and is almost 38 years old. It is a leading printing and packaging company in Sri Lanka and consists of 400+ employees. I am the head of HRM, Admin, and Operations, directly responsible to the Managing Director for all matters coming under my purview.

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