Muhammad Yaseen

I have sound experience in Administration, Accounting & Finance and Commercial Banking.
I have sound experience in Administration, Accounting & Finance and Commercial Banking.
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • September 18, 2022
My name is Muhammad Yaseen and I have done a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and majored in Accounts & Finance.
I have a dream to make my life better and to complete my goals and aims in life. Since childhood I was very much interested to learn new things and explore the creativity and innovative abilities in me.
I was born in the city of lights otherwise known as Karachi, which is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan. I was born in a middle class family and brought up with good training from my parents and my beloved teachers who taught me that nothing is impossible in life and to keep moving forward and work hard.
In my Bachelor’s program, I selected the subject of finance as it has always interested me. I always excelled in math and accounts in school and so I chose to make that my career path. I want to further advance my knowledge in this field particularly when it applies to healthcare, as I enjoy public dealing and am always trying to decrease the financial burden of my patients. I am hard working, motivated and a fast learner. I always try to give my best in every aspect of my life and career.
The purpose of selecting Canada  for my work was because I heard a lot about the culture of Canada's  cities, the friendly nature of the people and the beautiful sights and scenes. Canada rewards people that work hard and I believe that empowerment comes with work .
Together with this letter I would like to submit my application for this role. I feel my experience and my education makes me feel one of the most appropriate candidates for this job. I have sound experience in Administration, Accounting & Finance and Commercial Banking. This makes me stand out of the crowd. Currently I am working at "The Aga Khan Hospital & University in the Patient Business Services Department as a Senior Assistant on behalf of a third party company of HRSGC Contract.

The opportunity to work with you will quench my thirst for knowledge and professional growth and I really want to contribute towards the prosperity of the company with the best of my skills.

I am grateful for time and consideration. I have attached my cv, I look forward to discussing this in detail with you.

If you wish to interview with me I would be happy to meet with you in person or online at your convenience. I am available at contact number +923122671109/+923218795827 Pakistan timing 10:00 am to 10:00pm. You will also find my attached resume.
Thank you very much for the program offer and I hope to hear from your soon.
Muhammad Yaseen

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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA-Honrs) @ Newport Institute of Communication & Economics, Karachi,Pakistan
Jan 2008 — Dec 2011
Major Courses:
 Financial Accounting.
 Cost Accounting.
 Economics.
 Management.
 Statistics.
 Business Mathematics.


Senior Assistant @ The Aga Khan University Hospital
Apr 2017 — Current
 Prepare DSR report and Reporting to all management of P.B.S.D.
 Dealing with patients and doctors for Patient affairs
 Handle whole Billing Issue for patient operations independently.
 Communication with client regarding Billing.
 Prepare Recovery report and circulate.
 Monthly billing of network, donor & institutions.
 Daily follow-up of Self payments guarantees cases. .(SL-4,SL-5,SL-6)
 Dealing and handling employee, patients and relatives regarding payments.
 Preparing statements for multiple accounts of patients.
 Issue and Maintain Provisional Slip log.
 All related operations.

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