Mohammad Tajul Islam

Team Assistant Covid-19 Response
Team Assistant Covid-19 Response
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • September 22, 2022

Team Assistant Covid-19 Response.

WHO Country Office ,Bangladesh



Assist to implement emergency COVID-19 Vaccination work between WHO and EPI(GOB) collaborative work to strengthen the health workforce countrywide by the end of the year.


Screening incoming correspondence, documents and reports and route to the supervisor with full background material, ensures its distribution and follows up on deadlines.


Drafts/prepares general correspondence, types of statements, reports, prepares statistical tables etc. Takes notes at meetings and prepares minutes.


Provide secretarial support to collaborative work with EPI govt officials to implementation DFC Fund activities.


In Collaboration with senior administrative support staff, monitor deadline, reminding staff member of such and ensuring that correspondence and queries are responded in a timely manner.

Coordination COVID-19 logistics and transportation to ensure timely distribution of vaccines and vaccine logistics and support to Technical Officer to implementation DFC support activities in EPI.

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Jan 2003 — Dec 2004


Apr 2019 — Dec 2020
To the verification of the refugees/forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals in Bangladesh (the Joint Verification) conducted jointly by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (the GOB) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

As a Senior Registration Assistant (Documentation) I have to do following responsivities:

a) Validating, verifying and updating individual and family information collected in the exercises. This will include adding to, correcting and/or updating individual bio data collected by MOHA, updating household level details including family compositions, obtaining additional information useful for protection and solutions (such as individual specific protection needs and vulnerabilities and group socio-economic conditions including educational levels, skills and occupation) and updating detailed addresses in Bangladesh and areas of origin in Myanmar.
b) The de-duplication and verification of biometrics enrolled by MOHA, ensuring that all individuals aged 5 years and above have biometrics and ascertaining that the biometrics are of uniform quality (by re-enrolling low-quality fingerprint images, adding iris scans to the biometrics set and recapturing unclear photos).

c) The registration of individuals and families who may not have been registered in either exercise, including those residing with the host communities, new arrivals and births.
d) Reissuance of secure and durable individual documents for identification and for the establishment of status in Bangladesh as well as reissuance of household level documents for identity verification and assistance. This will involve the provision of durable tamper-proof plastic (PVC) individual identity cards and family attestations.
e) Reconciliation of the various population statistics including from MOHA’S registration, the family counting, IOM’s NPM and WFP’s SCOPE enrolment. This will establish a common figure to be used by all actors for all purposes. This exercise will account for the physical presence of every individual in the caseload updating the figures by adding new arrivals, births and unregistered individuals and removing records of deceased, those who may have left the jurisdiction, and those who have been counted more than once.

i) Update and correct information according to verified Fact Sheet.
ii) Enter all data including Registration Events and Specific Needs.
iii) Enroll BIMS and inform the refugee that BIMS confirm the veracity of info declared
iv) Take individual picture in BIMS and group picture in proGres
v) Verify the quality of all information collected in previous desks
vi) Verify that all mandatory fields are completed
vii) Verify if all consents were given
viii) Identification, recording and referring of protection cases
ix) Verify cases of double identity, impersonations and suspected Bangladeshi nationals
x) Deal with all fraudulent cases
xi) If some family members are absent due to sickness/immobility/detention conduct appropriate procedure to flag in proGres and inform the family
xii) Print ID card/Family Attestation and distribute the beneficiaries.
xiii) Keep record monthly logistics, ensure logistics supply, prepare audit report.
xiv) Keep take care all equipment’s and maintain log book.
xv) Ensure home visit, keep data record.
xvi) Keep filing in Filing management Systems (FMS) of whole refugees.

I was the In-charge of Transit Center documentation unit.

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