Manjula Dharmarathna

20 years experience in IT and Telecom sector .
20 years experience in IT and Telecom sector .
  • Padukka, Sri Lanka
  • February 13, 2022

I am a performance-driven and dedicated team player with extensive experience in IT and Telecommunication,

Network Administration, Computer Software Engineering with an exceptional proven track record of success and extraordinary

achievements. Skilled in working under pressure and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance the organizational brand.

Besides possessing technical skills, I also possess strong analytical, communication, and multi-tasking skills with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy.

I'm confident that the knowledge and academic qualifications that I gained in my life would surely help me to build a strong positive career in

For a greater illustration of my background and qualifications, please review my enclosed resume. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.


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MSc Network & Information Security @ ESOFT Metro Campus (Kingston University)
Feb 2022 — Current


Field support Engineer/Project Manager @ NetLanka Engineering, Colombo
Mar 2020 — Current
- Huawei, Airtel 4G upgrade project - Ericsson, Dialog FDD upgrade project
Duties and Responsibilities
To review the project plans, project scope and adjust required changes in it when needed Studies various documents related to the project to help suggest techniques to improve the working and functionality Accountable for the creation, execution, and improvement of any telecommunications project. Manage its duties and guides other project staff about the project Defines the assets which will be supportive in the application of the project work Makes sure that the project work is accomplished before or on the timeframe dote so that other units con continue with the other procedures Accountable for the victory and failure of the project. Responsibility to learn the lessons and share them with the other team members so that they should not be repeated in similar projects
Specialist - Core Network @ Dialog Axiata PLC
Jul 2005 — Oct 2019
Specialist – Core Network, Group Technology. Dialog Axiata PLC, Colombo

- Satellite Migration - Satellite Earth station Installation (Uplink/HPA system/Encoding/Encryption/Downlink) - ERP System (SAP- PM Implementation) - HE system swopping - Sri Lankan's first HDTV lunch - Package Binding for CX activation
Duties and responsibilities
System Administrator, Irdeto CAS (conditional Access System) Responsible for all customer base activities. Carry out configurations, upgrades and Maintain Key Management systems include application servers, SQL Database with FSR and geo-redundancy,
DTH Platform, Carry out configurations, upgrades and Maintain (Harmonic and Ericsson Head end system) responsible for encoding/Multiplexing Modulating and Transmission in DTH chain (experience in Harmonic V 57000/ NetProcesor N9040 / Amethyst III/ Media Flex Suite/ eXtensible Management Unit and Ericson AVP 4000 Encoder/ MX6I00 Multiplexer/ Newtech uss02l2 1+1 switch/ Elemental L451AE server/ Elemental C202AE Conductor)
HPA system, CPI High Power Amplifiers) Carry out Klystron HPAs configurations, upgrades and Maintain
Technical support, MCR, Technical Assistance Center, Provisioning operation/CRM Billing Internal Audit, VAS, 24/7 online assistance if required for troubleshooting.
Vendor coordination, Network operation, and New implementation.
System integration projects, Carrying out all the Ethernet switch (cisCO/ NETGEAR/TP- LINK) configuration during projects and operation, Server configuration, Application Installation
IPTV and OTT system Responsible for IPTV and OTT streaming platform (Profile management/ Maintenances - Elemental L451AE server/ EIernentaI C202AE Conductor).
RMA and AMC Maintaining within given 5LAs, Maintaining all above system with high availability matrix in the platform
ERP System Act as a core team member of ERP (SAP) system implementation

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