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Transport company owner
  • oued athemania, Algeria
  • May 9, 2022

u know the tronsports is very importent for the  economy every country need it to  build link between  diffente states   its necessary to developing  trading  and descover other place to explorring and helping to open other new  view space and easy  for more  cusumer  . my  ambition  its to make it very easy and  sheap and useful  and i want  get the big international markets and to have succude on in


Phone Number


3emme année secodaire @ Ati Abdel Hafeez
Sep 1984 — May 1997


Services @ entreprise location des matérielles des traveaux puplic
Nov 2012 — Current
my job is very easy just i need mobile phone or computer i give my number phone or my page of facebook to the customer they call if they need a Cement pump or my littel truck or my public works equipment and tools and i go with the customer to the place where are the work i look if its easy or no and we nigostiate the price of this work if we are agree the price i bring my work when i finish my work the customer invite me to the big plate of chakhechoukha ( chakhechoukha is traditional food plate of algerien poeple ) we to eat and laught and talking what happend in work and when it finish he pay me and sometime its they call me i bring to the customers tool like A pneumatic hammer, an electric generator, or a vehicle for compacting the soil.

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