Krishna Kumar Ghosh

I am working in telecom sector as a system engineer
  • Narail, Bangladesh
  • December 12, 2021
Career Objective: With my education, experience, and technical skills, I’m looking to secure a position in a dynamic Telecommunication environment, where I can make significant contributions towards the immediate and future goals of my employer which offers the opportunity.


Career Summary: •All kinds of Link’s and BTS Commissioning and Maintenance.
•Installation & repairing Window type, spilt type and Central type Air-Conditioner.
•Indoor BTS, Outdoor BTS, GSM system site survey, co-location of Telenor, MPT, Ooredo, Mytel, Grameen Phone, Banglalink, Aktel, Citycall & Warrid Telecom.
•Experience on telecom power systems maintenance.
•SRAL, NEC, Huawei, ERRICSION, MOTORALA & Alignment the all of Link.
*Telenor, MPT,Mytel and Ooredoo BBU, DUG, TCU, DUW and all kinds of Link Commissioning.


Special Qualification: Topics covered: Refrigeration & Air-Condition Course.
Topics covered: Computer Basic Course.
Topics covered: TCP/IP, Sub netting, IP Network Design, Routing Basics.


Employment History: Total Year of Experience : 19 Year(s) 1. Project Coordinator and Project Manager ( May 1, 2015 - Continuing)   Azmiry Aim High Co;Ltd.
Company Location: Yangon, Myanmar.
Department: Telecommunication.


Installation and Commissioning all Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and NEC Telecom Equipment.

Weekly and Monthly project-related cost reporting and Sold Reporting.

Everyday office attend with customer and facing customers all kinds of meeting.

Also, making LMR for Ericsson project and Invoice making for Mytel Project.

Ericsson and Mytel all TI teams mobilization. 2. Tecnical officer ( September 27, 2011 - March 23, 2014)   Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Ltd.
Company Location : Dhaka
Department: O&M


Perform Corrective Maintenance (CM) works twelve hours round the clock TT issued by Bangla link NMC.
Perform Micro-Wave link Re-alignment issue on schedule Preventive maintenance and also any vital issue
Routine maintenance as per checklist.
Give site status information and updates to on call Engineer for TT update.
Make sound decision during crisis and inform/escalate the serious issues to the proper authority.
Well-known the maintenance of A/C with timer function.
Maintenance the AVR.
Maintenance the fixed Generator of Bangla link.
Fault detection and to provide solution.






  3. Sub-Asst. Engineer (Team leader) ( May 1, 2009 - September 25, 2011)   Global Telecommunication Limited (GTL)
Company Location: Dhaka
Department: Operation & Maintenance.


Check all the telecom installation of MW link and Base station system, identify all the installation inconsistency and taking prompt action to resolve those as a responsible of quality control. Kustia Zone.
Check and analysis the parameter of MW link (NEC V4, NEO, MX, NEO CPV16 and SRAL XD) to ensure the appropriate & accurate link settings.
Make sure all the parameter and configuration of BTS (BS 240-II, BS 240-XL, BS-241) are
appropriate and take steps for rectification if inconsistency founded.
Analysis of technical data (Alarm log file, equipment performance log) to identify the fault root
cause and provide action plan for fault rectification.
Ensuring appropriate installation and configuration (soft settings) of rectifier system
Checking PDH link RSL, link alignment, BAR, BTS cell VSWR, time slot channel etc for preventive maintenance.
Ensuring appropriate installation and maintenance of generators (SDMO, FG- WILSON, FORESTCITY, ONCEVISA, PARAMAC, GADER, and GREEN POWER).
Preventive maintenance (PM) of BTS, Mw link, Generator, Air-con & stabilizer.
Ensuring Regular quality Preventive maintenance of responsible 100 sites. 4. Team Leader ( August 1, 2007 - April 30, 2009)   CONGUMARK LTD
Company Location: Banani, Dhaka.
Department: O&M


# Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Motorola BTS (Horizon II Macro), Ericsson
RBS (2106i, 2206, 2308) for Warid telecom project.
Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Ericsson power system PBC 6500, BBU.
# Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Ericsson 2206, 2106i 2308 (Micro
RBS) type RBS for Warid Telecom project.
# Installation Ericsson (2206) BTS and Feeder, testing (DTF & VSWR) by using Site master. 5. Team Leader ( February 1, 2002 - July 29, 2007)              Eminence Communication.
Company Location : Dhaka
Department: Installation& Commissioning



* All Grameen Phone Equipment Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting. *Installation, Supervision and Coordination of IBS    (In Building Solution), Micro Cell project for GP project.
* Installation, Swapping, Co-Location, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Ericsson 2202, 2206, 2106i 2308 RBS.
* Installation Ericsson (2206) BTS and Feeder, testing (DTF & VSWR) by using Site master.
Area of knowledge:
* Good knowledge & On hand experience in site master (ANRITSU 331D/331C), BER tester (SUNLITE).
* Responsible in site documentation e.g. Schematic drawing, VSWR testing report, Antenna Location photo, cable route, and

Power system:
* Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting of Ericsson power system PBC 6500, BBU.   Language Proficiency:   Language Reading Writing Speaking Bengali High High High English Medium Medium Medium Hindi Low Low Medium    


Academic Qualification: Exam Title Concentration/Major Institute Result Pas.Year Duration B.Sc Science National University Second Class, Marks :52% 2011 3 Year`s Diploma in Electrical Electrical Jessore polytechnic Institute CGPA:3.5
out of 4 2006 2002-03 SSC Science Kalia Pilot High School (Model School) CGPA:3
out of 4 2002 2000-01



Training Summary: Training Title Topic Institute Country Location Year Duration Technical Training Refrigeration & Air-Condition Course Department of Youth Development Bangladesh. Khulna. 2009 6 Months



Professional Qualification: Certification Institute Location From To Telecommunication Huawei Technologies Dhaka, Bangladesh. January 1, 2012 January 30, 2012 Telecommunication Eminence Communication Dhaka, Bangladesh. February 1, 2003 February 28, 2003



Career and Application Information: Looking For : Mid-Level Job Available For : Full Time Present Salary : $. 1000. Expected Salary : $. 2000. Preferred Job Category : IT/Telecommunication, Production/Operation Preferred District : Anywhere in India and Bangladesh. Preferred Country : AUE, Canada, Myanmar, Italy, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, Bhutan, Kuwait, Singapore. Preferred Organization Types : Telecommunication, Manufacturing (Light Engineering & Heavy Industry), Computer Hardware/Network Companies, Multinational Companies, Engineering Firms, Garments, Textile, Hotel, Electronic Equipment/Home Appliances, Group of Companies, Tobacco, Technical Infrastructure


Specialization: Fields of Specialization Description ·         MS Project

  »Install and commissioning of Huawei/Siemens/Ericsson BTS.
»Install and commissioning of Huawei/Siemens/NEC M/W link.
»PM and CM related works for Bangla link sites as a team leader.
»Power related works (MDB board, AVR and Generator).
»Microwave link related works. (Huawei/Siemens/NEC).
»A/C timer and Room thermostat system.
»Power distribution as per load.



Extra-Curricular Activities: Troubleshooting BTS Related [SIEMENS] and other Alarms 1) Door Alarms 2) Fire Alarms 3) Mains Fail Alarms 4) Temperature Alarms 5) Rectifier Alarms 6) Low Voltage Alarms 7) VSWR1 Warning 8) FDUAMCO Fault Alarms 9) CU Fault Alarms 10) Site Down 11) Water Alarm 12) Smog Alarm 13) Infrared Alarm .




Personal Details :  

Father's Name : Ajay Krishna Ghosh. Mother's Name : Maya Rani Ghosh. Date of Birth : July 10, 1985 Gender : Male Marital Status : Married Nationality : Bangladeshi National Id No. : 6522801400127 Religion : Sanatan (Hindu) Present Address : (B-2), Room (101) 1st Floor, Thirimigalar Garden Housing, Alone Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar. Current Location :  


Myanmar (Burma)





Reference (s):  

Name : Ashit Kumar Ghosh Organization : Govt.Kalia Model School Designation : Teacher Address : Kalia,Narail. Mobile : +8801717505072 E-Mail : [email protected] Relation : Brother  














Rajbir Shing Organization : Ericsson Myanmar Designation : IM Manager Address : Yangon, Myanmar Mobile : +959790302716 E-Mail : [email protected] Relation : Professional

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BSC @ Engineer institueate
Jan 2000 — Jan 2006


System engineer @ Azmiry-Aim High
Jan 2006 — Current
working in the IT and Telecom sector

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