khalid Abed

  • baghdad, Iraq
  • June 25, 2021
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Paramedic (Iraqi Army) @ Basic Military Medical (Iraqi Army) • Baghdad
Jul 2010 — Sep 2010
It was very exciting four months. I learned how to save people lives.
Baccalaureate @ AL-Miamoon high school
Sep 2000 — Jul 2003
Finishing Secondary Stage with all its branches (industrial section )


Supervising construction laborers @ Misk Al-sahad
Apr 2014 — Current
This job it was quite different from other jobs. Same rules as a supervisor but this time me job dialing with civilian people. My company have subcontract with oil companies. Our duties and responsibilities supply’s workers and do the construction work like build an oil facilities and setup the
Transferring oil pips. My job is helping the engineers to do their job by supervisor the workers do exactly what the engineers want and make sure do the job right and safely.
Paramedic (Iraqi Army) @ Iraqi Army
Oct 2010 — Jul 2013
Army is kind of job for discipline, committed and Self Respecting this job was very important for me as a human being . it was all about serving my peoples and save their life and protect them. I left this job because my contract was finished and I did renew the contract to take care of my mother sickness and be at home every day.
Interpreter and guard’s supervisor @ E.O.D.T for security solution • Baghdad (FOB Falcon)
Dec 2008 — Jun 2010
Lovely job it was with nice peoples my job was supervising guards and searching vehicles people in and out of the camp interpreting between Iraqis and US soldiers I quit this job because I volunteer to Iraqi Army
Team leader for Baghdad international airport (checkpoint entry for the airport) @ Global logistics for security
Aug 2004 — Nov 2008
I start this job with a lot of challenge and risk. my duty it was supervising the guards to do their job correctly and safely to keep the Baghdad international running safely by searching the airport employees, passengers, all kind of suitcase and cargos
general laborer @ us army
Mar 2003 — Jun 2004
Organize and help soldiers to maintained and clean the camp and to do the daily works and makes the sand bags

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