Khaled Adam

Experience driver from 2007
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • December 25, 2021

job application letter
To whom it May concern

Name: Khaled Abdel-Zaher Jado Adam
Age: 35
Occupation: Egyptian driver
Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +966534035409
The position of the subject on which I was asked to propose my candidacy.
I am a driver with a third class driving license from Egypt, I drive light transportation, buses and minivans, I hold a special driving license from Egypt, I have a special driver's license from Saudi Arabia. My first driver's license was issued in 07/07/2007
She has over fourteen years of driving experience
Great interest in challenging assignments around the world as a delivery driver, bus driver or light transport driver I am currently driving in Saudi Arabia I love to drive and travel
A true team builder and a natural motivator with powerful analytics and issues.
Solve skills, exceed my performance, take responsibility
Maintaining my energy levels and performance standards high and high.
Backed by strong experience and professional achievements
Striving for professional reorganization in the functions of delivery, transportation, long-distance travel loading, operation and maintenance with a reputable enterprise.
A tour through my attached CV will tell you the details and so am I
Confident in my credentials, you will find a perfect match for said position.
Thanks in advance for saving your time.
You will greatly appreciate an invitation for an interview.
it is valid,
Accept my thanks and appreciation
Khaled Abdel-Zaher Jado Adam
Egyptian driver

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