Imad Essalihi

backe pîzza
backe pîzza
  • salé, Morocco
  • June 3, 2021
However, I have worked in several jobs at the same time, especially in the geriatric care sector, the interest in the elderly care sector was raised by the care of my grandmother, who mostly relied on me for the daily routine, which is why I believe that I am suitable for working with older people to be able to get along well. From 2014 to 2015 I worked actively for the Moroccan company ‘Dommino's Pizza’ as a pizza maker in the capital Rabat. In 2016-2017 I worked as a supervisor in a kindergarten in my home country Morocco, where I had the ability to select children or young boys. So I have already gained a little experience with children and I hope that I can still gain a lot of experience with your organization.
In 2021, I took part in 80 teaching units of advanced training ‘’ Introduction to the German Health Care ’’, and gained my first experience in the process. I am very resilient and flexible, which means that I can adapt very well to the changing shift work. Furthermore, I am able to adapt to any situation. I will conscientiously and respectfully adhere to the working rules in your facility. I am also aware that discretion is particularly important in the facilities. For this reason, I will listen to everyone in your facility. My strengths and skills include social skills with people that I have acquired through various cultural and educational activities.
I will be pleased if you consider my letter and I assure you that I am highly motivated to do a job with you.
P.s You will find my Cv.
With best regards
Imad Essalihi
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Bachelor degree @ University Mohammed V
Sep 2017 — Oct 2020
In view of my enthusiasm for literature and the fact that the German language and its literature has achieved world fame, I would like to occupy a position at your company. My name is Imad Essalihi, I am a 25-year-old student and live currently in Morocco.
After graduating from high school in experimental science, I set myself a goal, namely to learn the German language and its culture. So I learned the language at the Goethe Institute and got the B1 certificate. From 2018 I learned Individual at home in order to master the B2 level. At the same time, I studied German at the university, where I got my bachelor's degree in 2020.


Backer @ Domino's Pizza
Aug 2014 — Jul 2015
make and deliver pizza

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