Ibraimo Manuel Caroga

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Matola, Mozambique
  • January 17, 2022

Dear Mr/Ms

After becoming aware of your job vacancy, I am hereby submitting my application to the open position.
I am a Young Master in Data Engineering from the Shibaura Institute of Technology and a Bachelor degree in Information Management and Statistics from the Pedagogical University of Mozambique and I am currently available for new professional experiences.

After completing my undergraduate course, I performed a professional work of 4 years in the municipal company of Maputo pertaining to Local Government, which enabled me to apply my knowledge and to make contact with the professional environment.
I am a committed professional, who strives daily for the goals of my professional entity. I strive daily to successfully accomplish all the goals that have been proposed to me.

I subscribe with the utmost consideration,

Ibraimo Manuel Caroga

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Master @ Shibaura Institute of technology
Aug 2016 — Mar 2019
Data Scientist (analise data using algorithm )
Bacharelo @ Pedagogical University of Mozambique
Jan 2009 — Jul 2014


Data Scientits @ Maputo Municipality
Jan 2009 — Current
Mining data and algorithm developments, analysis data from any out put.

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