Hendri Murdani

Experienced Procurement
  • Makassar, Indonesia
  • January 10, 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have 8 years of experience (since 2014) in the oil derivatives industry and construction where I’ve cooperated with Big Principal companies such as CHEVRON Singapore, SHELL Indonesia, ExxonMobil Lubricant Indonesia, and PERTAMINA Indonesia in Asphalt and Fuel (B30). In my previous organization, I work in vital functions such as:

  • Manage the supply chain and trading activities related to maintaining stock, good prices, and cargo trading.
  • Working with a team in high schedule precision, planning, execution, and good communication.
  • Keep updated on Global issues about Oil Prices, Finance, Trading, New Vendors and Distribution, Political, Government Policy, and Social.
  • Accustomed to coordinating, collaborating, dealing, and negotiating with various people in many local and foreign sectors.
  •   Management Development Program (MDP) provides me with managerial knowledge such as Business processes, Standard Operational Procedure, Business Model Canvas, Key Performance Indicators, Time Management, Financial Management, Budgeting, Marketing Mix, Balanced Scorecard, Kaizen Continuous Improvement, Effective Presentation, etc.

Working in a new environment and career field will give me new excitement and challenge for upgrading myself. On the next page, I elaborate more about my achievements in my life career. I believe my knowledge and technical know-how in the field will contribute a great deal to your company. I look forward to hearing good news and discussing the position further. Thank You.


Makassar, 1st January 2023

Yours faithfully,


Mr. Hendri Murdani

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Procurement Manager @ Multi Trading Pratama
Nov 2020 — Mar 2022

1. Ensuring Stock Availability (Asphalt, Fuel/B30, Cement, and Gas) for 12 Asphalt Terminals/TAC, 2 Fuel Terminals/TBBM, 3 Asphalt Drum Warehouses, 1 Cement Warehouse, and 1 Cube Gas Warehouse:
• Set purchasing yearly volume and budget
• Monitoring stocks and commodity prices (Argus Journal and Fuel Places Mops Journal)
• Negotiating Contract and LC/SKBDN issuance
• Arranging/Planning Cargo Delivery Schedules
• Initiating, Negotiating, and Monitoring Chartering Vessel
• Monitoring SAP PR and PO
• Initiating Surveyors, Cargo insurance
• Monitoring Laycan and Discharging at Terminals
• Monitoring release cargo PIB/SSCP from Customs
• Monthly Reporting to Authorize Government
2. Developments Projects
• B30 Fuel Cargo 2022 CFR basis PT. Shell Indonesia and PT. Multi Trading Pratama for TBBM Garrongkong, Barru
• B30 Fuel Cargo 2021- 2022 FOB basis PT. Exxon Mobile Lubricant Indonesia and PT. Multi Trading Pratama
• MFO/LSFO Project PT. Shell Indonesia and PT. Multi Trading Pratama for TBBM Batulicin Borneo 2022
3. Trading Fuel and Asphalt mainly searching, setting volumes, and negotiating best price fuels and asphalt from principles companies (Shell, Exxon, Pertamina, AKR, and Cosmic) for Trading function with Marketing to Direct Customers
4. Vessel Chartering mainly searching for charterers, negotiating and arranging schedules for 12 vessels owned by MTP Group Capacity 5,000 MT, 3,000 MT, 1,500 MT, and 1,000 MT

Direct Procurement Section Head @ Kalla Asphalt (Construction)
Jan 2014 — Dec 2019

1. Contract Cargo
2. Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Order (PO), Document Receipt, Invoicing
3. ERP ORACLE System
4. Term Payments
5. Form FTA/Legal Cargo Documents, Customs Clearance
6. Cargo Insurance
7. Key Performance Indicators
8. Kaizen Continous Improvement
9. PDCA Meetings
10. Management Representative ISO 9001:2015

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