Fares messaoudi

  • Bejaia, Algeria
  • August 19, 2021
My name is Fares Messaoudi and I am a master's degree university graduate in social communi ation I have 1 years of experience in a machine rental company, post administrative charge hereby, I would like to share with you my interest in a post of 'I am considering a job as an expatriate to develop my professional and linguistic skills
My mastery of the language such as French and my ambitions to work in international companies will help me develop my capacity for work and adapt quickly to different professional ecosystem
My principles based on openness to different cultures and ideologies Mont helped to create a good professional relationship and my license to flourish both personally and professionally
Hoping that you will give me the opportunity to discuss with you in order to integrate your business and its objectives
I beg you to accept my most cordial greetings, Madam.
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