Deryck Collins

Agricultural Development & Environmental Sustainability Specialist
  • Linden, Guyana
  • August 23, 2021

An Agricultural Development and Environmental Sustainability Specialist with over ten years of practical experience in farming systems research, value-chain development, and agriculture extension service delivery, geared towards enhancing the productivity of smallholder crop and livestock systems of production.

• Community Relations
• Strong Verbal Communication
• Strategic Planning Abilities
• Geographic Information System
• Data Analysis and Management
• Project Management

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Master of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Science @ University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Sep 2017 — Oct 2018
The postgraduate training provided an understanding of core concepts for a career related to sustainability in farming system and rural development by examining the available pillar of global food security and the ecological consequence of unsound management. Critically examined countryside management, habitat assessment, data analysis for land use capability, and ecosystems management to understand production ecology and environmental conservation principles.


Agricultural Development Programme Manager @ Regional Democratic Council No. 10
Jan 2019 — Aug 2021
Chief Technical Advisor, Administrative and Professional Head for the Agricultural Department in the Regional Democratic Council, Region No. 10. Responsibilities include analyzing region-specific requirements and relevant technical issues to provide critical input into the RDC Strategic Objectives, Programme of Work, work plans, and supporting budgets and resourcing strategies. Preparation of annual budget and appropriation proposals for the department for consideration and approval by the National Government. Implementation and monitoring programme involve developing approach, evidence-based strategies, related tools, methodologies, and the supporting system/database, monitoring, and reporting frameworks.

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