Carlos andres Sancen Vázquez

Tecnico en horticultura
  • San Nicolás de Los Agustinos Guanajuato, Mexico
  • July 18, 2021

Curriculum vitae

Personal information:

Name: Carlos Andrés Sancen Vázquez

Date of birth: November 18, 1991

Age: 29 years old

Marital status Married

Wife's name: Nancy Rodríguez Guerrero

Son's name: Axel Andrés Sancen Rodríguez

Address: Lázaro Cárdenas # 9 San Nicolás de Los Agustinos, municipality of Salvatierra Guanajuato, Mexico


Primary: School November 20

San Nicolás de Los Agustinos Guanajuato.

Secondary: Instituto Yurirense

Yuriria Guanajuato.

High School: Cbta N ° 113 degree obtained technician in horticulture

San Nicolás de Los Agustinos Guanajuato

Professional: Industrial Engineering

Higher Technological Institute of Salvatierra Guanajuato.

Not completed: 3 years

Work experience:

* Assistant in shop window: 1st year Salvatierra Guanajuato

* Masonry assistant: 2 years Salvatierra Guanajuato

* Gardening: T&K total Lawn, 4 years Fernandina Beach Florida USA

* Construction: Half time, 1 year

Fernandina Beach Florida USA

* Hospitality: Ritz Carlton Hotel Half time, 1 year

Amelia Beach Florida USA

* Gentherm Automotive, 7 months

Celaya Guanajuato

* Hutchison Automotive Hoses, 4 months Celaya Guanajuato

* Kenny U Pull: 9 months dropped contract, Laval Quebec Canada. Mechanic's helper

* Condumex automotive parts: 6 months

Jaral del Progreso, Guanajuato

* Mabe Refrigerators: 4 months

Celaya Guanajuato


* Language: English 70% spoken

* I know the use of work tools

* Sociability and Tolerance

* Responsable

* Easy adaptation to the work environment


Personal goals:

* Job progress

* Economic progress

* Social progress

* Family progress


Availability: IMMEDIATELY


CONTACT NUMBER: 4661076553

Phone Number
+52 466 107 6553

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