Carlo Lacadin

Experienced in Aircraft Structural Assembly
Experienced in Aircraft Structural Assembly
  • Villasis, Philippines
  • June 9, 2021
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Diploma Aircraft Maintenance Technology @ WCC Aeronautical and Technological College
Jun 2013 — May 2015
Aircraft Maintenance Technology is a two and four-year ladderized degree program designed to that prepares students to become aircraft technician professionals. This program provides students with knowledge and skills in the field of aircraft maintenance. Its curriculum trains students to construct, inspect, operate, maintain and repair structures, systems and power plants for aircraft and other aerospace vehicles.


Aircraft Technician @ Aerospec Supplies Pte Ltd.
Apr 2018 — Sep 2020
• Performed Assembly of Turbine Center Frame base on Operation Sheet
• Prepares work to be accomplished by studying assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists; gathering parts, tools, and materials.
• Performed Installation of bolts and stud, heat shield, fairings into TCF
• Deburring of TCF casing and other Hanger Leap Original Equipment Materials (OEM) aircraft components.
• Qualifying parts of MTU under Seals and Fabrication Department
o Verifying the physical quantity of parts recieved and the quantity indicated on the previous operation
o Using of bench press to qualify the assembly carefully to achieve the radius and dimensions.
o Bench off and control overhanging honeycomb end with an angle grinder using only P100/P120 sanding disk
o Deburring of honeycomb manually to control bur height
o Record all measurements and results in inspection record list in ink.
o Visual and Leak Check inspection of parts base to WI-130
o Cleaning all parts with clean dry air or Acetone wipe /submerge. Dry all parts thoroughly.
o Part Marking of parts by set-up the SIC C153 dot peening machine with the correct program each part.

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