Anna Oseigbokan Uwadia

"Experienced Agricultural Farm Manager with Expertise in Sustainable Crop Production and Livestock Management".
"Experienced Agricultural Farm Manager with Expertise in Sustainable Crop Production and Livestock Management".
  • Benin City, Nigeria
  • May 9, 2023

Agricultural farm jobs involve a wide range of responsibilities related to farming,workers should possess a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and an understanding of plant and animal science.

Farm workers may be responsible for planting crops, maintaining fields, harvesting, and packing produce. They may also manage irrigation systems, apply fertilizer and pesticides, and operate and maintain equipment.

In addition to hands-on farm work, administrative duties may include managing schedules, budgets, and staff. 

Effective communication skills are also crucial in agricultural farm jobs as individuals frequently interact with team members, customers, and suppliers. A willingness to work outdoors, in varying weather conditions and physically demanding environments, is also essential for success in this field.


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Business administration @ Ambrose Ali University
Jan 2015 — Sep 2018

Business administration entails two (2) different word. "Business" and "administration "
Business is the act of buying and selling of goods and services to the consumers to satisfy their needs and also make profit.

Administration is the act of coordinating, organizing, controlling, putting things in order so as to maximise profit and achieve a set goal.


Administrative secretary @ Paldoated Engineering consult
May 2023 — Current

The roles of an administrative secretary typically include:

1. Screening and managing phone calls, emails and correspondence: An administrative secretary manages and screens communication to ensure that important ones are prioritized and handled properly.

2. Scheduling appointments and meetings: This involves coordination and scheduling of meetings with clients, vendors, and other business partners, creating agendas, and providing necessary information to the attendees.

3. Managing files and records: Ensuring that important documents are properly stored, organized and retrieved when necessary

4. Providing administrative support: Conducting research, organizing and responding to mail, drafting reports, handling the incoming/outgoing mail, and other general administrative duties.

5. Communication: Responding to inquiries and requests from clients, collecting information to ensure that vital information is being conveyed to the concerned parties.

6. Managing the office: Ensuring the office is comfortable and in good condition.

7. Meeting preparation: Planning and preparation of the resources needed for all meetings.

8. Record keeping and database management: Creating and maintaining a record-keeping system that requires the ability to organize, prioritize, and track the information.

9. Project management: Planning and overseeing specific projects such as event planning, attending meetings and arranging activities.

Overall, an administrative secretary plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth running of a business, managing schedules, managing files and records, and providing administrative support to the management team.

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