Anjula Kulathunga

Experienced Farm Worker and Supervisor
Experienced Farm Worker and Supervisor
  • Gampola, Sri Lanka
  • June 15, 2022
I give below clarification regarding my work experience. I completed Diploma in Animal Husbandry from Sri Lanka school of Animal Husbandry under the purview of Department of Animal production and Health Sri Lanka.
Then i joined Crysbro group of company as a unit manager. I worked as the manager of environment controlled closed house of 100000 of broiler chickens reared during April 2017 to June 2018.
Then i joined Animal breeding division of Department of Animal Production and Health as a livestock development officer.
My present responsibility is supervising goat breeding centers located in North western provinces in Sri Lanka.
These nucleus breeding center have been established to provide good quality Jamunapari breedinganimals to the farmers. Two Jamunapari heards are manage under intensive management system.
Brachiaria brizantha pasture have been cultivated in plenty. Process hay and cut pasture are provided with concentrates. De-worming, De-ticking, milking,feeding and vaccination etc...are practice systamatically. Veterianary consultations are taken as required. Female kids are raised for replacement stock and males are issued to the needy farmers at subsidy rate.
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Two Year Diploma in Animal Husbandry @ Sri Lanka School Of Animal Husbandry
Mar 2015 — Oct 2017
Diploma related Animal Husbandry and Agriculture


Farm Manager @ Department of Animal Production and Health
Jul 2018 — Current
Manage Jamunapari Breeding Stock

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