Anas Maazouz

Security Officer
Security Officer
  • Fes, Morocco
  • November 11, 2022

Veteran security associate with demonstrated expertise in building, grounds, personnel and asset protection. Excellent observational, problem-solving and decision-making skills combined with detail-oriented nature, unparalleled integrity and sound judgment. Familiar with various weaponry and well-trained in successful strategies for emergency response and de-escalating conflicts. Serving 10 years as a patrol officer and on the gang unit And being promoted to Sergeant in 2013. A resident of Fes for over 30 years and committed to growing as a leader both in the community and police force.

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Baccalaureat in Biology @ My Sliman High School
Jun 2004 — Jul 2007


Kitchen steward @ Force army royal
Dec 2009 — Feb 2014
Assisted servers by providing glassware and utensils to guests .
Drained, stacked and dried items after washing .
Utilized proper storage bins to organize and transport kitchen equipment to stewarding
room for storage purposes .
Met high hotel standards for work procedures, dress, grooming, attendance, and
punctuality .
Scraped, washed and efficiently restacked dishware, utensils and glassware to keep
kitchen ready for customer demands.
Stepped into additional roles during busy times to boost coverage of important stations.
Boosted team efficiency by keeping kitchen areas organized, clean and properly
Washed utensils and cookware, including pants, pots, dishes, and trays.
Line cook @ Force army royal
Dec 2009 — Feb 2014
Maintained well-stocked stations with supplies and spices for maximum productivity.
Checked each food item for freshness and provided feedback to kitchen supervisor for
Prepared identical dishes numerous times daily with consistent care, attention to detail
and quality.
Housekeeping attendant @ Force army royal
Dec 2009 — Feb 2014
Completed laundry services with special attention to care instructions, including handwashing and dry cleaning.
Removed bed sheets and towels from rooms and pre-treated stains to maintain and
restore linen condition.
Disposed of trash and recyclables each day to avoid waste buildup.
Kept building entryway glass clean and polished for professional presentation.
Communicated repair needs to maintenance staff.
Assigned housekeeping staff to specific shifts and room blocks based on abilities and
daily requirements.
Drove improvements to workflow and room turnover with hands-on, proactive
management style.
Increased employee performance through effective supervision and training.
Security officer @ Force army royal
Dec 2009 — Dec 2020
Collaborated with area law enforcement and federal investigators to support safe
fugitive apprehensions and coordinate investigations .
Checked identification of all persons entering and exiting facility to eliminate
unauthorized visitors .
Oversaw daily monitoring and patrolled buildings, grounds, and work sites .
Greeted guests professionally and courteously to cultivate welcoming atmosphere while
making safety top priority.
Reported irregularities such as fire and safety hazards to maintenance .
Participated in staff meetings, special events and professional development activities .
Drafted reports of property damage, theft, accidents and unusual occurrences to
document daily activities and irregularities .
Performed deep searches and pat-downs to look for unauthorized materials and items
such as weapons .
Reviewed camera and system feeds and alerted proper respondents regarding

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