abderrafia alichar

senior airport services
  • casablanca, Morocco
  • May 31, 2021

* collaborated in a team of 52 agents (called document check team) and worked alongside middle management to ensure high level of customer service was consistently met, handled guests in a calm, friendly and gracious manner.
* clearing the queues in front of the gate at the boarding time, ensuring that all the passports , visas checked carefully and avoiding fines from destinations' immigration.
* 20 destinations was in our list.
* demonstrate high level of professionalism by achieving a score of 87% in savings by avoiding immigration fines.
* played an important role in organizing passengers in front of the gate, and ensuring the flight will go on time.
* Check-in and boarding.

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English literature bachelor''s degree
Oct 2002 — Jul 2007


vehicles testing center manager @ NAJI vehicles testing center
Apr 2010 — Oct 2010
* managing the whole center and surprevising it
* ensuring all the equipments are properly working and the agents are present
* ensuring that all the vehicles checked carefully and all their pictures was archived
* ensuring that the vehicles with a bad situation will not pass and convince the customer to fix the faults

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