Abdelouahab Lahcene

Fruit Picking and Packer jobs
Fruit Picking and Packer jobs
  • Relizane, Algeria
  • May 31, 2021


good morning everyone

First of all , I would like to thank you for this opportunity as a factor in the fruit harvesting sector to work with you and to  introduce myself .

My name is Abdelouahab Lahcene ,I'm 27 years old from Algeria ,I work in my country as a fruit picker and packer so all regions of my country are in the highest mountains, in the plains, and even in the desert, where I pick grapes from  Boumerdes and Blida previous, and I pick apples from Khanchla previous ،where it has a mountains region called The Aures Mountains have the best types of apples in Algeria, and I pick dates from  Biskra previous as it is a desert logic famous for the finest types of dates in Algeria, where large quantities are produced and directed to export.

All this is wonderful and beautiful, but when it comes to paying wages and means of work, there is a problem where he pays us small sums that are not sufficient for the expenses of our daily needs, and there are no safe means of work that will help you in your work, and from here I decided to search for similar work like the work I do in my country But there is a reward that preserves your dignity as a human being, and it has all the work means that help me to work comfortably, and also I can build my life from the field of picking and packing fruits, as in my country you cannot build your life in such a field, and I see that the country of Canada gives attention and Opportunities for those who want to work as a picker and fruit packer for her, as I want to work for her with full sincerity, seriousness and dedication because it respects the worker, encourages him and cooperates with him in building his life and gives him all his rights without any decrease .

In the end , I want you to look at mu request and take care of it because I really want to wok because you provide a good life and pay very good for your workers despite the hardship and great effort this job entails, I accept it .

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