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Nowadays, we are job-oriented because it is one of the ways to income and enhance our lifestyle. Jobs are somewhat added indirect happiness in our life via income of money. The basic concern of the job is to earn and fulfill the basic needs of your family like food, living, education, and clothes. Happiness and contentment are also equally important and hence one should never completely indulge in earning money forgetting relations, family, and social norms. The most important aspects of a job are job security, opportunities to use skills and abilities, work safety, benefits and compensation. A job does more than providing income for a person. A job also provides a way of fulfillment, productivity, and purpose. It makes us creative. If you are thinking to make Canada your home. Then the next step of yours would be finding jobs in Canada. This article will help you to know the new jobs available in Canada.

  • Accountants Job in Canada

The accountant is the backbone to grow and enhance your business. That’s why Canada has a high demand for accountants. If you were highly skilled and have done an accountant, then an accounts job in Canada is suitable for you. Accountants are one of the keys in-demand occupations in Canada. Canada has a strong history of steady employment. It’s salary range is $63,000 to $75,000 and there are 72 vacancies on bank jobs in Canada. According to the Canadian benchmark, the qualification at entry-level accountant must have a Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, or accountancy. And to pursue a managerial role you should have a Master’s degree.

  • Factory Workers in Canada

If you are looking for a worker job in Canada, then working in a Factory will be a good choice because it doesn’t matter if you are skilled or not. Factory Worker Jobs in Canada are in ample amount basically in the major provinces and cities like Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Scarborough, Edmonton, Brampton, etc. The basic requirements for a factory worker’s job in Canada are normally to hold minimum education of a high school diploma or equivalent. Physically, you need to have the minimum weight fixed by the National Labor law of Canada. The more requirements are the ability to perform simple, logical math problems and all health and safety procedures are also essential. There are more than 10,000 factory worker jobs in Canada.

  • Fruit Packer Jobs in Canada

There are several fruit packer jobs in Canada available for you. Because there are many companies hiring fruit and food Packers. Basically in Canada, the fruit Packers are in charge of stacking and placing the fruits into their proper containers and preparing them for transport. And before placing and putting them in containers, prepare them cleanly.

  • Production Workers

Production worker’s jobs in Canada are almost the same as factory workers. The difference is that the production workers are responsible for the mass production of a specific product in the production facility, depending on the company. A production worker’s work may vary from operating machinery, assembling equipment, quality control, and carrying out inspections basically a supervisory role.

  • Driver Jobs

Driver jobs in Canada, over the period 2019-2028, new job openings are expected to total 119,900, while 96,600 new job seekers are expected to be available. Although this job group has had a balanced market in present years, projected job openings are expected to be substantially higher for job seekers. They not only require specific driver licenses that entail higher or more specific driving skills but also must often be away from home for lengthy periods of time. So, you can seek driving jobs in Canada with ease.

  • Security Guard Jobs

Several highly-reputed companies are seeking some security guards in Canada. Qualified and interested candidates may apply for this post. You will be eligible for Security Guard Jobs if you have a work permit visa in Canada. If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada, you will not be considered for the job.

  • Helper Jobs

There are ample amount of helper jobs in Canada to which you can apply. Helper salary is $32,175 a year or $16.50 per hour in Canada. Entry-level helpers start getting $27,083 per year while most experienced workers get up to $41,925 per year.

  • Salesman Jobs

There are specified Salesman Jobs in Canada but newcomers tend to lack a deep knowledge of the local Canadian culture, traditions, and the overall landscape, which is often a basic requirement for sales or marketing roles. A key point is that sales and marketing roles in Canada tend to be more specialized and niche. Sales and marketing are considered as two different occupations, as marketing roles may be further divided into, digital marketer, SEO specialist, growth marketer, brand marketer, social media expert,  etc.

  • Cashier Jobs

Cashier jobs in Canada are now turned to part-time from full-time. A student or a housewife is basically suitable for this job and if you’re looking for full-time then you need to be more skilled and experienced than that of others. Cashier jobs have been increasing but most of the positions are now part-time. Full-time cashier positions dropped by 16 percent between 2006 and 2016. Of Ontario’s 68 percent of the 69,000 shelf-stockers work part time, earning $14.25 to $18.35 while on the other hand among 130,000 cashiers, 80 percent work part time, with wages ranging from $14.25 to $15.87.

  • Hotel Jobs

Canada is a country brimming with possibilities. Various international workers are striving to get hotel jobs in Canada. Hospitality Jobs are extremely prized and thus landing a job in the hospitality industry of Canada is complicated. Though the number of jobs has improved the all industries,  especially in the hospitality business. But you need to be qualified, for example, done Hotel Management Course to get your dream job in Canada.

Summary –

Thus, a job can be seen as the pillar of social organization, but also, to a large extent, as an important pillar of the existential organization of individuals. It is a basic and vital feature in many dimensions of social integration, such as health, housing, and interpersonal networks. In this article, we have tried to provide you all kinds of details so that you can check out the most suitable job for you .

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Job Category: Accounting and Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada

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