Jobs in Dubai (UAE) for 2021 – 2025

Being a cosmopolitan city, several job seekers find it alluring to make a career in Dubai (UAE). What mostly comes to mind is, what makes a career in Dubai (UAE) such an exciting prospect for so many job seekers? Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for part-time jobs, or an experienced professional finding possible job vacancies in Dubai (UAE), there is a lot to discover in this city for employment options. So, getting a job in Dubai (UAE) is easy, but you have to follow the instructions given in this article. For the people who belong to the group of aspirants, we have some great insights in store for you about jobs in Dubai (UAE).

Job Opportunities:

Dubai’s diverse business landscape and its popularity as a great place to live and work have made it an attractive destination for job seekers globally. Dubai (UAE) welcomes from all walks of life and backgrounds. It offers unlimited job opportunities and a huge number of careers across industries.

Although there is no shortage of job openings across various Dubai (UAE) sectors, certain industries are so much popular among job seekers. In Dubai (UAE), there are also security guard jobs and fruit packer jobs, so unskilled and unqualified people also consider these jobs.

Benefits of Working in Dubai (UAE):

With some of the best business and job opportunities, there is no doubt Dubai (UAE) attracts expats from all around the world. In Dubai (UAE), you experience world-class comfort and luxury, but you get a tax-free salary so that you don’t break your budget to fulfill your dreams.

Health insurance is also one of the few universal benefits offered by Dubai (UAE) workplaces, as it is legally enforceable. Gratuity is also enforceable and is calculated according to the basic salary and tenure at the company. More than 80 percent population of Dubai (UAE) is made up of expats.

It means that most workplaces in Dubai (UAE) will have a diverse workforce where employees will be from various countries. So, working in Dubai (UAE) will provide you with exposure to working with people from different countries. Unskilled workers can also get jobs, including housemaid jobs, truck driver jobs, kitchen staff, and many others.

As an employee, you also get access to various benefits. These include health insurance, 30 days of vacation per year, and airfare for a round trip to your home country. Apart from this, you can have access to housing allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours, and further education allowance.

Private sector employees also get 30 days of annual leave after completing one year in a job. Many international companies work in Dubai (UAE). An opportunity to work with companies, you will get a great experience, and if you are involved in a high-profile project, you add to your professional value.

Cost of Living in Dubai (UAE):

Whether you are moving to Dubai (UAE) to set up a business or just looking for better job prospects, it is helpful to have a good idea of Dubai’s living costs (UAE). However, the cost of living in Dubai (UAE) has risen significantly in the past decade. The impact of Covid 19 combine with lower oil prices has caused a decrease in the living cost of Dubai (UAE).

Compared to living in some of the major expat’s hubs of the world, the cost of living in Dubai (UAE) is far less. When finding out the living expenses, housing makes up a considerable chunk of the budget. The monthly expenses vastly differ with the size of the family also.

Dubai (UAE) has now become3 more affordable due to a consistent decline in rent, property, prices, cost of education, and transportation. Because of this constant decrease, now one doing the accountant jobs or any other low salary job in Dubai (UAE) can easily afford the living cost.

Visa Process of Dubai (UAE):

Few types of visas will help you enter Dubai (UAE) for an extended or permanent stay. If you don’t have a job in Dubai (UAE) before entering, the long-term multiple visit visas will let you stay in Dubai (UAE) for 90 days.

In this type of visa, you can also apply again after the time has expired. If you have an employer set up, they will generally handle all of the paperwork for your work permit and visa. You can do it before entering Dubai (UAE), or you can also change your visa status from visiting to work once you have crossed the border.

Ways to Get a Job in Dubai (UAE):

The Dubai (UAE) job market has lots of opportunities for employment for people possessing various talents. However, getting a relevant job in Dubai (UAE) can take a lot more time and effort. To find the relevant job opportunities, you have to take help from the professional recruitment agency with a pool of vacancies for a range of skills and academic qualifications or scour through the job sites in Dubai (UAE). Many people also attend several walk-in interviews and apply to particular companies based on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Required Documents for Getting Job in Dubai (UAE):

After doing your homework on the latest updates about jobs, it is time to polish your resume and improve your chances of getting hired. Your CV is the first impression so for this having a good resume is very important. It is also very important to include relevant information on your CV at the top.

We have already discussed different visa requirements that may help you land the right work opportunities in Dubai (UAE). For example, if you are applying for hotel jobs, you must have to include the required skills to get the relevant job. Additionally, you also required your academic certificates and relative degree, preferably attested from the UAE embassy, and a document showing your previous job experience. Furthermore, a passport with a maximum of 6 months validity is essential to get a job in Dubai (UAE).

Understand the Market Values:

Before you start your journey, it is very important to do some homework and learn as much as you can about the economy, demographics, standard of living, laws of labor, and the corporate culture of Dubai (UAE). Keep an eye on average salaries, basic living expenditures, and other financial requirements so that you are in a better position to negotiate reasonable remunerations.

Beware of the Employment and the Visa Policies of Dubai (UAE):

Apart from being aware of the economy’s current conditions and the job market, it is also necessary to stay updated with the employment and visa policies for getting a job in Dubai (UAE). Any sudden change in employment and labor laws in Dubai (UAE) greatly impacts the overall job market.

Jobs for Driver in Dubai (UAE):

There are also many opportunities in Dubai (UAE) for a person who has the skills and abilities to drive any vehicle. Dubai (UAE) takes precedence over other countries of the world regarding the number of accessible driver jobs.

However, car drivers, bus drivers, and truck drivers are all good employment options for those who don’t like to work within the confines of an office building or may lack the essential qualifications. Driver jobs in Dubai (UAE) are fairly abundant and high in demand. So, if you have the skills to drive any motor vehicle and don’t want to work in an office, you can easily apply for this job.

Requirements for Driving Job in Dubai (UAE):

A person who wants to work as a driver in Dubai (UAE) must be properly trained and have the capabilities to drive a vehicle safely and soundly, always stick to the tight time schedules and understand the traffic rules of Dubai (UAE). It is the most important data that must be included in the CV of the driver.

Drivers are also required to ensure that the vehicle they drive is well maintained in exceptional conditions and kept clean daily. An in-depth understanding of maintaining motor vehicles is needed along with performing regular checks like as replenishing fuel supplies, oil changes, and other minor works.

A person who wants to apply for the driving job in Dubai (UAE) should have complete knowledge of Dubai (UAE) roads and be a trustworthy driver with great capabilities of driving. Dubai (UAE) driving license is the most important requirement if you want a Dubai (UAE) driving job.

Eligibility Criteria Driving License in Dubai (UAE):

A person aged 18 or old can apply for a driving license in Dubai (UAE). People who have age between 18 and 21 can get a probationary license. You should apply for a driving license in the Arabic language to the RTA. Depending on this application, the RTA issues a temporary license to you that needs o to be carried at all times while you undergo the training.

Driving License Test in Dubai (UAE):

There is no shortcut to obtaining a driving license in Dubai (UAE). You have to pass few tests to get a driving license in Dubai (UAE). If you want to give the RTA road test, you should pass the RTA theory test. You have to take admission in driving school to register yourself for the theory test once you pass all the internal tests, specifically the yard parking exam.

Cost to Get the Driving License in Dubai (UAE):

The cost of a driving license in Dubai (UAE) may vary between AED 4,500 and AED 7,000, only if you t=pass the final road test on the first attempt. The cost of a driving license in Dubai (UAE) depends on the driving school you choose. Unfortunately, if you fail the test, you should require seven classes of additional practical training to reattempt the test. Additionally, you should pay an added amount of money for giving a re-test.

Available Jobs in Dubai (UAE) with Average Salaries:

Most of the people migrate to Dubai (UAE) to get a job. The reason is that there are many high-paying jobs are available in Dubai (UAE). Plus, along with the salary, there are many other facilities offer as compare to other countries. So, here we provide you a list of some jobs with average salaries in Dubai (UAE).

Jobs in Dubai (UAE) with Average Salaries: 

  • Accountant:

The average salary of the accountant is AED 53 608 per year.

  • Helper Jobs:

The average salary of a helper in Dubai (UAE) AED 1830 per month.

  • Cashier:

The average salary of a cashier in Dubai (UAE) is AED 2,343 per month.

  • Agriculture:

The average salary of agriculture in Dubai (UAE) is AED 105,450 per year.

  • Fruit Packer:

The average salary of a fruit packer is AED 2000 per month.

  • Production Workers:

The average salary of a production worker is AED 14 400 per month.

  • Security Guard:

The average salary of a security guard is AED 2,076 per month.

  • Housemaid:

The average salary of a housemaid per month is AED 1,872

  • Engineering Jobs:

The average salary of engineer per year is AED 8,000

  • IT Jobs:

The average salary of IT in Dubai (UAE) is AED 183,486 per year.

  • Hotel Staff and Management:

The average salary of hotel jobs starts from AED 1,200 per month.

  • Factory Workers:

The average salary of a worker is AED 80,757 per year.

  • Hospitality Jobs:

The average salary of hospitality jobs in Dubai (UAE) is AED 30,000 per month.

  • Construction Labor and Management Jobs:

The average salary of a construction worker is 106,623 per year.

Related Jobs:

Jobs for Fresher in Dubai (UAE):

There are many job opportunities for fresher in Dubai (UAE). The jobs for fresher include hospitality jobs, cashier, helper, and production worker jobs. These jobs are not even very high paying but also have some extra benefits with these jobs. There are so many opportunities for fresher, especially in IT department. Remember one thing: everything will depend on the abilities and skills of the applicants to do the job. Dubai (UAE) always welcomes with a warm heart the fresher with skills to work for them.

Ways to get Work Visa in Dubai (UAE):

One of the most important things to understand about working in Dubai (UAE) is that the employer provides the work visa. As an employee, you don’t require to apply for such a visa on your own. After getting a job in Dubai (UAE), it is time to move on to the second step, a work visa.

The ministry of human resources issues works visas in Dubai (UAE). The employer has to apply for this visa, which is then converted into a valid residency visa. Once you get the residence visa in Dubai (UAE), the work visa lets you enter Dubai (UAE) and work there.

The validity of this visa is two months. During this period, your employer will have to do all the required formalities such as medical testing, Emirates ID Labor Card, and Residency visa. Primarily, the residency visa is clear evidence that the organization sponsors you and that it has paid for your work visa, medical testing, and Emirates ID.

Eligibility for Work Visa in Dubai (UAE):

Anyone over the age of 18 can work in Dubai (UAE), provided that they meet the standards set by the more. There is no maximum age for who can be employed in Dubai (UAE), but the company pays a higher fee for the worker over 65 years. All the foreign employees are divided into three categories based on their academic qualifications and skills.

  1. A person who has at least a bachelor’s degree
  2. A person who has a post-secondary diploma in any field
  3. A person who has a high school diploma.

Jobs in Dubai (UAE) for Graduates:

There are also several job opportunities in Dubai (UAE) for graduates. Graduates can easily find jobs in various fields, including IT Jobs and technologies, cashier jobs, and others. There are so many high-paying is waiting for graduates. Dubai (UAE) always welcomes foreigners, and most of the companies provide those jobs. But the most important thing to remember is that the salaries and type of job depend on your skills, education, and abilities.

There are several jobs that different companies providing in Dubai (UAE). There are several construction jobs available in Dubai (UAE). If you have experience in the construction department, you can apply for this position as well.

Labor Jobs in Dubai (UAE):

There are also many opportunities of job for laborers in Dubai (UAE). These jobs also provide you to get the best opportunity for a good income. Any person who has no extra skills can easily get these jobs, including a fruit packer job, nanny, helper, and others. There are also great opportunities for drivers in Dubai (UAE).

A person who has a driving license in Dubai (UAE) can easily get a Driver’s job in Dubai (UAE). There are many vacancies vacant in the agricultural department, so if you don’t want to work as labor, you can also consider agriculture jobs.

Final Words:

Now, you have complete information about getting a job in Dubai (UAE) and the criteria and eligibility for getting the job. All the above mention jobs are for both skilled and non-skilled people.

Remember, it takes some time to find a job anywhere in the world, but the job market of Dubai (UAE) is particularly competitive. On top of the talent saturation, hiring in Dubai (UAE) tends to be seasonal.

Dubai ( UAE )Jobs Details

Jobs Title: Hotel, Construction, Supermarket, all type Position

Company: Hotel, Construction, Mall, Hospitality, Production

Time: Full Time

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Boulevard Downtown Dubai, PO Box 123234 Dubai, UAE

Salary: AED2000 to AED 7000 per month


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