Immigration to Canada from the USA

The United States of America and Canada not only share a border but also have a very close relationship. Both countries conduct bilateral trade and share common values related to law enforcement, environmental protection, security, and free trade. Each day, around 380,000 people cross the Canadian-American border for business purposes, vacation, family time, etc.

Since Canada’s inception, American immigration to the country has been continuous. This article will tell you all you need to know about immigration to Canada from the US and shed light on the entire process.

7 Ways to Immigrate to Canada from the US

There are seven immigration programs available for those who are planning on immigrating to Canada from the US. These include:

1. Temporary Resident Visa

US citizens can enter Canada as visitors or “temporary residents” with their US passports and stay for up to six months at a time. You don’t have to apply for a visa to get a temporary resident or visitor status in Canada. Getting this type of visa is the best way to explore the country and look for a job over there before you move permanently.

2. Work Permit

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada and start living there is to obtain a work permit typically valid for one to three years. A work permit will allow you to work in the country and earn money to support yourself. If you gain sufficient work experience, you can apply for a permanent residence visa later.

To obtain a Canadian work permit, you need to show a job offer from a Canadian employer. Several professional occupations are granted work permits easily. These include doctors, scientists, accountants, architects, social workers, etc. All you need is a job offer in Canada.

If your occupation is not listed in the NAFTA professional category, your Canadian employer would have to conduct a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before they can offer you a job. This process takes about three months to complete.

3. Study Permit

Students who wish into Canada to study can obtain a study permit.  To obtain a study permit, you first need to obtain admission into a Canadian school program. The validity of the Canadian study permit is tied to the length of the school program, which can vary between one to four years.

During the time you are in Canada for your studies, you can work part-time. Once you graduate, you can obtain a work permit from a Canadian employer for the same duration as the length of your studies and stay in Canada.

4. Express Entry Program

The Canadian Express Entry Program permits skilled workers residing in Canada or other countries to obtain Canadian permanent residency. As the name suggests, the Program enables you to enter Canada quickly and connects you with potential Canadian employers.

The Program works on a points-based system where you need to provide information about yourself such as your skills, work experience, language ability, education, etc. The immigration officers will evaluate this information and assign points. You need to earn around 450 points out of 1200 to qualify for Express Entry. The application takes only six months, and once you get an invitation to come and work, your permanent residency application is filed for immigration to Canada.

5. Family Class Sponsorship Program

Another way of immigrating to Canada from the US is via the Family Class Sponsorship Program. This program is only for those who have immediate relatives residing in Canada. If you have a spouse, partner, adult children who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada, you can ask them to sponsor you for Canadian permanent residency.  This is the best way to immigrate to Canada without having to look for a job.

6. Canadian Experience Class Program

The Canadian Experience Class Program is open to all US citizens and other foreigners who already live and work in Canada. If you have worked in Canada as a temporary worker and wish to relocate there permanently, you can apply for a Canadian permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class Program.

7. Provincial Entrepreneur Program

For entrepreneurs, the best way to immigrate to Canada and create employment is via the Provincial Entrepreneur Programs. Even if you haven’t started your business yet but plan to do so in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for this Program.All you need to do is explain your idea to the immigration officers and then apply for the visa.

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Immigration to Canada from the US is a pretty straightforward and quick process. If you wish to settle in Canada and make a living in the country, make sure you choose an immigration program that fits your situation the best. Browse the Canadian immigration website to access application forms and if you can afford it, work with an experienced immigration attorney to simplify the process.

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