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Canada offers an express entry program available to skilled workers who are looking to immigrate to Canada. This program is points-based, and once you have provided all information, you will be placed into a pool of candidates in a ranked order.

If you rank high enough, you may receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada, and you’ll only have 60 days to apply. However, once you’ve applied, it may take up to 6 months for your application to be processed and hopefully approved.

This program is “Express” because it’s one of the fastest options for immigration to Canada, The six months is the upper limit you would be waiting for, and most applications are processed faster. Many other programs leave candidates waiting for years to be approved to immigrate to Canada.

Being offered the chance to apply for permanent residence does not guarantee your acceptance into Canada. It is simply an invitation to apply.

What are the Requirements for Express Entry?

Express entry is broken into three different programs which have different requirements. You may be eligible for 1, 2, or all 3. However, you may not settle in Quebec under any of these programs as Quebec has its own programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is for foreign workers with skills that Canada is looking to bring into the country as they’re highly sought after.

You will be assessed on your work experience, your language skills, and your education. If you meet the requirements of these sections, you’ll be further evaluated on other areas such as how old you are, if you have a valid job offer in Canada, and how well you’re likely to adapt to Canadian life.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program is specifically designed to bring skilled tradespeople into the country to supplement areas that are lacking workers.

You will be assessed on your language skills, work experience; you must also meet the requirements of being hired in the trade you’re applying with though being certified within Canada is not required. You will also need a job offer that is valid for at least one year or be certified with a qualification in the trade you’re applying with.

A wide range of skilled trades are required at any time; this ranges from electricians, bakers, chefs, and even skilled agricultural workers.

Canadian Express Class

If you’re already working in Canada on a work permit, then the Canadian Express Class is a better option to be invited to apply for permanent residence.

You need still need to meet general requirements such as language skills and work experience within Canada. You will need to work in Canada for at least one year before applying for this program.

This program also has the fewest requirements because you’re already proven you can find work, pay taxes, and live within Canada.

How Does the Express Entry Program Points System Work?

You need to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 even to be considered for this program; the higher your score, the better chance you’ll have of being invited to apply for permanent residence.

Express Entry Program points are based on the following criteria:

  • Age: Candidates between 18-35 score higher marks, with lower marks going to those candidates up to 45. After 45, you receive no points.


  • Education: You will need at least the equivalent of a high school diploma in Canada; you will receive more points for the higher level of education you have. So Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates all gain higher marks.


  • Work Experience: You will need at least one year of work experience in an appropriate job category. If you’re applying under the Canadian Express Class, the experience must be in Canada. More experience means more points.


  • Language Skills: You will be required to take an approved language test in either English or French; the higher your score, the better chances you have. If you can take tests in both English and French, you gain even more points.


  • Adaptability: If you already have close family members living in Canada who will assist or support you, you can receive points for better adaptability to Canada. You even gain points if your spouse or partner can immigrate with you at the same time.


  • Job Offer: If you already have a job offer that will last at least one year, you also receive points.

What Should You Do If Accepted Into The Pool for Express Entry?

Once you’ve been included in the pool for Express Entry Programs, you won’t instantly be invited to apply for permanent residence. However, there are regular draws from the pool for different programs, and if you meet the eligibility criteria for that draw, you will be invited to apply for permanent residence.


Draws aren’t specifically scheduled but may happen at least once or more per month. Each draw will provide details on the cutoff score for an invitation as well as the lowest score invited in that draw. This, along with historical draws, can provide you with information on how likely you will be to get an invitation. If you are well below the minimum for all draws that you need to reassess your application.


  • Your addition to the Express Entry pool expires after one year. Although you may reapply once your entry has expired, do not do so before that.


  • Ensure your language tests are still valid; after two years, they will expire. So you may need to resit them.


  • Start building your permanent residence application. You will only have 60 days to apply if invited. This includes getting any police records from any countries you’ve lived in, as these can take some time to be provided to you.


  • Start applying for jobs with Job Bank; this can also significantly improve your chances of being invited. You can update your Express Entry application if you receive a job offer.


  • Start improving your score for a better chance to be invited; this is particularly important if you have only just met the minimum requirements for acceptance.
    • Apply for jobs
    • Start applying for provincial immigration programs as these can help bypass the Express Program.
    • Improve your language school by practicing and resitting tests, or consider a second language which could earn you as much as 50 extra points.
    • Work on improving your education if there is room for more points on your application.
    • Continue to work in relevant areas to gain more work experience, which could increase your school.


  • Make sure you keep your profile and application updated in the Express Entry Program. Anything you can add could improve your score, and any changes to your situation could cause issues later on if your application is found to be false.

What Are The Benefits Of The Express Entry Program?

  • You are given exact details on what is required and expected of your application. Therefore, you know instantly if you meet the minimum requirements and how much above those minimum requirements you are.


  • If you don’t meet the requirements or you’re at the very minimum, it allows you to improve your score before applying. As only the top candidates are invited, the higher your score, the better your chances are.


  • Applications under the Express Entry Program are processed the fastest as these are requests from Canada to come in and help various sectors that need workers.


  • Processing is fully electronic, so there are no delays or missed applications. Everything is done online, including your approval.


  • Canada currently has a skilled worker shortage and will drop the requirements and invite more applications through these programs.


  • This is a federal program, meaning you are invited straight into permanent residency rather than getting a temporary worker visa. It also means you can settle anyway except Quebec.

How Can You Improve Your Chances Or Get Help With Express Entry Canada?

Express Entry Canada is one of the best groups of programs for people with professional work experience. However, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. The categories are all highly competitive, and ensuring you have the best application and get the most points possible will be critical to even getting invited to apply for permanent residence.


If you are invited, then you still need to compile and submit your complete permanent residence application within 60 days; failure to do so will have your invitation revoked, and you’ll have worked for nothing.


You also need to consider that being invited to apply for permanent residence in no way guarantees that Canada will accept you; you still need a strong application to be approved and ultimately immigrate to the province of your choice.


If you want to gain a competitive advantage over the other applicants, then you should consider getting professional help. Immigrating to Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime change where you have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada for a better life and more options for you and your family.

Get help with your Express Entry application and requirements, and then with your permanent residence application. This is the best way to ensure success and start building a new future for yourself.

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